Friday, February 3, 2017

- Democrat Implies ANTIFA are Nazis

OK, Robert Reich is water carrying imbecilic Clintonista who is really just shamelessly trying to find a way to associate the absolutely peaceful right with the indiscriminate violence of the absolutely disgusting left. In that ironic respect, he's quite literally blaming the victims. But he is in effect accusing the all powerful kids of ANTIFA, of being too good at disruption to be lefties. He's spinning it so hard that the earth is probably wobbling off it's orbit, but that is in effect what he's actually saying. It's "Just a rumor", which he knows since he started it. But that even someone as utterly unscrupulous as him could believe that story would fly, is amazing.

I mean, just remember those violent tea party riots of the Obama years right? Remember? I think I saw one guy "throw" his 9 year old daughters empty water bottle into a garbage can instead of gently placing it into the recycling receptacle. And with mindless aggression like that, who wouldn't mistake them for paramilitaries. I mean, if you listened very closely you could practically hear gaia weep.

It's the "I know you are but what am I" infantilism of it all that's hysterical. These days if you see someone rioting, breaking windows, setting cars and generators on fire, and hitting perfectly innocent civilians (who just wanted to hear a speech) with paint, pepper spray, rocks, bricks and batteries - you call them "anti-fascists". If you see people arguing for free speech, and peacefully milling about (while trying to attend a speech) continuously being pelted with paint, pepper spray, rocks, bricks and batteries while their cars and generators are set on fire, you call them Fascists and Nazis.

And someone at CNN believes they put this lunacy on TV and it won't cost them a whisper of credibility.

The left has nothing left. They're done. "Histoire" as they say in French. Their heads have exploded. They don't have a single fact on their side, and their opinions have slipped into obvious fantasies. They are nothing but a mob of malicious maniacs who have been reduced to slander, obvious lies, wanton violence, and a primal scream of rage.

And every time those idiots at CNN put someone like this asshole on, regular Americans are laughing at them too. It's really beyond parody. I wonder what he'll say when the same people get together and hold mass burnings of Milo's book.


VV said...

He said "he heard that they are right wingers with connections", and host just moves to the next speaker. Without even asking a followup question on where he heard and how reliable is his source. That pretty much means that he is creating the rumor right on the show and they are not really interested in presenting any evidence. Sad state of affairs.

Unknown said...

Because Don Lemon's IQ was swallowed by a black hole. ;-)

Stephen Paul Foster said...

"There's rumors", "I wouldn't want to bet against it" -- Reich sounds like a good "it is no accident" Stalinist to me. There must be around 30K students (all known personally by Reich) at Berkeley and the rioters wore masks, so be assured that they were not Berkeley students.

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