Thursday, February 16, 2017

- Early To Bed ... Etc...

When I was managing money at Tudor, I used to have to get out of bed at 3:15 AM in order to shower, drive the 99 miles to the office in Greenwich, and still have time to run my morning research programs and build the trades for the day. After a couple of years of this, and a decade or so prior to that working in research at other Hedge Funds, I am a terminal early riser.

And so, at 4:00 AM this morning, I learned 2 great things.

1. The guys at Ace of Spades HQ had linked me in the overnight thread again, totally jacking my pageviews. (Thanks guys... but if we keep meeting like this, people are going to start to talk).

2. Milo is going to be on Bill Maher this Friday, and the 'protests' have already started. Some nobody Journalist has already cancelled because he doesn't dare engage in open debate with the nation's most dangerous faggot.

Journalist Jeremy Scahill has stated that he will not be appearing on the HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher” alongside Breitbart Senior Editor MILO as he believes the show will allow MILO to “incite violence.”

I don't care for Bill Maher, and I never watch his show, even when people I like are on. I skipped Kevin Williamson's appearances several times, and that was back before our friendship was torpedoed by Kevin's vitriolic opposition to Trump, and his anger at me for not sharing it. Maher's snarky oversimplified humor just misses the mark for me. And what I know if his personal life turns my stomach a little.

But to give the man credit where it's due, in this climate it takes some real balls to give Milo a seat at the table. And Milo, as he does everywhere, is certainly going to swat it out of the park. Maher is libertarian enough to keep the egg from splashing on his face personally, but the liberals who have their delusion firmly cemented enough to actually go on his show with Milo present, are going to end up eaten alive.

The psychos of the Anti-Fa and BAMN movements will no doubt have a big issue with this. But it's one thing to go tearing up a college campus where the Administration views you favorably and is happy to repair a few windows for the cause, and another entirely to try to storm Maher's LA based TV studio, which is owned and operated by a big powerful Media institution that will have to pay it's own bills when the place get's trashed.

LA police are notoriously soft on riots if they're in south central, but mess with their meal ticket (the celebrity media superstructure of Beverly Hills and Hollywood) and it's a different thing altogether. If the Rodney King Riots had started right outside Chateau Marmont, the National Guard would have been down there in about 1/2 an hour, with orders to shoot to kill.

I don't know if Bill Maher fully qualifies as a Hollywood A-Lister. From here in New York, he looks more like a B+, by I could be wrong about that. I never understood how the cool kids decide who is in, or out. But I do know that with HBO guarding the door (it's their door after all) the klantifa kids are gonna get an ass whooping if they try anything other than nonsensical rhymes and sign waving. And if they do, it might turn out to be even more fun for me than the broadcast itself.

The Daily Show used to pre-record interviews then butcher the conservative's arguments in the editing room to reinforce the idea that they were stupid, illiterate, hateful, bigoted rubes. Much offline entertainment has come from those few conservatives who surreptitiously taped the interviews themselves, and released the full record later, and I think that contributed greatly to Jon Stewart's desire to get out of the line of fire.

I don't think they do that at Realtime, but like I said, I don't watch it so I'm not really sure. I am sure though that Milo is crafty enough to undermine any childish tricks like that. Like him or not, agree with him or not, Milo is fast becoming one of the most important media voices in America. And when the multi-cultural hall of mirrors of the progressive left finally comes tumbling down, it will be he and Tucker Carlson who we have to thank for it in the largest part.

And in the grand historical context, I think it's supremely hysterical that the future of America is so inextricably linked to the words of a very clever englishman who is really only allowed to join the discussion because he likes to suck off black men. It kind of makes me wonder how the bronze statue of him will be posed at the Milo Yiannopoulos Regional High School of the future. Horrifyingly comedic opportunities abound.

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