Tuesday, February 21, 2017

- The Face Of A Movement

This guy is perfect in his cluelessness. Tucker goes comparatively easy on him, which I guess he should. It's no fun to see the stupid get beaten up on.

But that doesn't mean this guy isn't the perfect face of American Leftism. He has no agenda, no ideas, no specific complaints, and no serious things to say. All he has is a vague uneasiness, and the general idea that Trump isn't a President he would want, and a glee at being able to be a part of a movement for 'positive things', even if he has absolutely no idea what those positive things are. It could be a charity walk, or he could be punching Nazi's, he doesn't know and doesn't care. It's activism for activism's sake.

That's the thing about the left now from Anti-Fa to Chuck Schumer. It isn't about anything at all, but to them it's really about everything altogether, which isn't anything at all.

May all our enemies so.

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