Thursday, February 2, 2017

- Forgetting Sarah Silverman

There was a point when I would have slept with Sarah Silverman given the chance. Yeah I know, she's older, and hairy, and I don't generally like Jewish girls. And that ball gag I'd have insisted on probably wouldn't have shut her up entirely (which would have been a requirement). But there was just something about her that I found strangely appealing. Like all liberals she's crazy - and I always kinda liked the crazy ones. But to me she's one of those woman who always seemed to be just one really satisfying lay away from being a rational person. And then when she found out in the morning that only one was all she'd ever get, it would finally drive her off the cliff.

Obviously those days are behind me.

Ace has deuling posts on her ridiculous tweet hoping for a military coup.

The idea that the US military would launch a coup of Trump at the behest of Sarah Silverman and the black bloc kids is pretty laughable. And it's an indicator of just what a thick firm bubble she's living in. It just doesn't occur to her that not everyone is as upset about what Trump is doing as she is. In her world it's inevitable that sooner or later Trump will do something so abhorrent that it will make the Military leaders just as angry as she is.

It's a good indicator of the conversations going on in Hollywood right now too. Obama's progressive policies made them feel SOOOO GOOOOD about themselves. Combine that with wealth, fame, and having everyone think they're smart and cool, and it was literally a perfect world. But like everything else in Hollywood, it was all pretend.

People have been talking up California Secession. I'd be as happy to be rid of these assholes as anyone, but for obvious strategic reasons, I think we're stuck with them. We cannot trade a 840 mile long coastline, for a 840 mile long indefensible strip of paint in the desert, even if we desperately want to. Especially since the resultant Republic of California would instantly become an unmanageable third world pit of hell.

I do however like the idea of breaking the state into 2 separate states along the red/blue divide. The eastern half would be the central valley and the agro business, and the western half, the entertainment, and technology industries. All still America, but Hollywood could then throw it's tantrums without dragging anyone else down with them.

Anyway, you can't "talk" to someone like Sarah Silverman. She would literally put her fingers in her ears and scream blah, blah, blah, blah to keep from hearing you. All you can really do with her is point at her and say "Yeah, I might have been willing to do her once.... once!"

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Muzzlethemuz said...

I don't bother going into the comment sections on venues like this but for a few moments at least, to add to their troubles, there might have been a dawning realization by the left-o's that the military might not be there for solely for humanitarian missions... No Sarah, the military is not going to overthrow the President.