Thursday, February 9, 2017

- Gavin McIness, Our 21st Century Captain Kirk

After reading Gavin's latest article - the first hand account of NYU protest - I am amusingly reminded of Capt James T Kirk trying to talk sense into his own "antifa" experience, from the episode "Miri".
Like the current batch of "antifa" protesters that confronted Gavin, Kirk was confronted with a complete lack of maturity coupled with a lack of civility. Gavin got maced and Kirk got "bonk-bonk-on-the-head!"
The fear of the "children" in the episode was that once they reached the age of maturity or became "grups", they would succumb to a bizarre skin affliction. Probably akin to getting a nervous rash when that Obamacare Premium starts to deplete your savings, or that first real paycheck in the workforce, but you wilt when you see all those deductions... yep, being a "grup" is a shocker to those with the mental capacity of a six-year-old.
So "antifa" and all the other leftist SJWs are nothing more than children in fear of maturity.
Next time you are confronted by "antifa Fascists", think about what Gavin had to say, and mix in a little James T Kirk.

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