Monday, February 13, 2017

- "The Gays" Are Revolting

The title is an ode to my lovely daughter, who is the current president of the "Gay" club in her high school. She's heterosexual, but she shares my total indifference to other people's sexual preferences, and cleverly thought that being President of the Gay Club might jack her college acceptance rate.

Anyway, she often refers to "her gays" meaning the kids in her club, vs. "My gays" meaning my friends who are gay, and are also conservative. She considers Milo one of "My gays". And though I've never actually met the man, I'm still happy for the association.

But whomever they may belong to, the gays are apparently revolting. They're shunning one of their own who came out as a Trump supporter (with reservations) and his social circle simply can't handle it:

“After the story posted online in the early hours of October 21, I woke up to more than 100 Twitter notifications on my iPhone,” wrote Moore. “Trolls were calling me a Nazi, death threats rolled in and a joke photo that I posed for in a burka served as ‘proof’ that I am an Islamophobe. I’m not.”

In point of fact, I don't think the homosexual community has any real justification for rebelling against the Trump administration, except tribal loyalty to progressives. He's not anti-gay, and has never said a single thing anti-gay to my knowledge.

New York City has the largest number of homosexuals in the country (San Fran has a higher rate of homosexuals, but NYC is much larger) and if you live here, you interact with homosexuals every single day. I'm quite certain that Trump has too, and often.

One of my gay friends used to take me to the gay bars on the west side highway back when we were in college. And though the chances of me finding a woman there were really abysmal, apart from that it was always a great time. Homosexual men are men after all, and it was always a great atmosphere, and none of the things that most provincial heterosexual men imagine.

Football was on the TV behind the bar, guys were cheering, same as anywhere else - and while he milled around the place flirting with other men, I'd stay at the bar and talk motorcycles, or taxes or whatever, with the guys who were there. Though I would occasionally get a few polite offers for more than I was interested in, not once did anyone make a single move toward me that was in any way untoward. There was no ass grabbing, no overt passes, and no rudeness at all that I can recall.

On the other side, I used to know (wink) a heterosexual girl who loved bondage. I don't mean a little 'hold me down' or handcuffs sort of stuff - I mean real severe, sadomasochistic bondage. She loved to be tied up and abused in quite serious ways.

As an example, she once asked me to put out a cigarette on the sole of her bare foot, and though I refused, it wasn't even the worst thing she asked from me. My buddy from college may like men, but he likes them in comparatively 'normal' ways. And I have far more in common with his sexual appetites [broadly stated] than I ever will with a person who wants to be dangled from the ceiling by ropes, while being gang raped by strangers.

My point is, though I don't find them attractive sexually, gay men are still men. And there is psychological commonality there that's obvious if you're secure enough in your sexuality to ever move in their circles. Sure, there are always a few hyperbolic guys who go in for attention and love the shock value. But for the most part the vast majority of New York's gay community are simply normal men who happen to be attracted to other men. Donald Trump almost certainly knows this, as do many men from New York City. I don't see him sending them to gulags anytime soon.

My attitude on honosexualty hasn't changed. I am completely indifferent to it, and would simply like to be left out of other people's sexual lives. It's a shame that the gay community can't find it in their hearts to accept a member of their community who is guilty only of a political deviation from their norm.

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MikeCLT said...

I never could figure out why gays were so anti-Trump. Trump said he favored making gays a protected class under the civil rights laws in the early 1990s when Bill and Hillary were still against gay marriage.

Trump has probably knowingly employed hundreds or thousands of gays in his businesses. No way he is anti-gay.