Sunday, February 12, 2017

- Generation Zero by Steve Bannon

On a recommendation from the Ace of Spades HQ, I just finished watching the Documentary "Generation Zero", a Steve Bannon film. Yes, THAT Steve Bannon. It's a film designed to place the 2008 financial crisis in its proper historical frame, and to illustrate the real cultural causes of the blow up.

What it settles on as cause and effect will come as no shock to readers here. It's all stuff I've expounded on frequently, and though it adds much more historical context, Mr. Bannon and I are in agreement as to cause, effect, and the changes necessary to see us through this. By far the biggest thing we need to change is our culture, which has become deeply decadent and permanently accustomed to doing little or nothing, and getting hugely rewarded for it.

When the well runs dry, those folks who collect free stuff for a living are going to be VERY angry. Plan accordingly.

The fight ongoing right now though is the one that will set the course for the future. It will either be the social justice left, or some mixed version of the ideas from the alt-right. And that is why I'm not really interest in politics anymore. The battle is a cultural battle.

Anyway, here is the movie - the whole thing. I highly recommend it.

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