Sunday, February 26, 2017

- How To Find The Real Alt-Right

How do I find out about the alt-right? What does the alt-right want? What does the alt-right stand for? All valid questions. It’s time to start getting you some answers.

The Democrats have chosen a machine politician as their new party leader. And because they have, they’re probably going to lose their most devout base. These are that gang of listless and empty-headed zealots you see out there burning cars, screaming at police, and getting ridiculed in split screen by Tucker Carlson. Those people will either fracture the party and do something on their own, or they’ll increase their dosage, spend more time with their therapists, and forget to vote on election day. But this casts our situation on the political right in a new and interesting light for me.

We’ve have a fracturing of our own ongoing, but we chose the outsider as the leader. This turned out to be the right move in the short term, but it could still go either way in the long term. And it’s time to start thinking about how we position ourselves to reunify the right and make ourselves stronger, instead of fracturing further and allowing the left a fresh inroad. We need a merger. And mergers are something I know a little about. But for that to happen, you need to start looking at what the alt-right really is.

Steve Bannon was cheered at CPAC but Richard spencer was shunned. Both of them have been accused of being a part of the dreaded Alt-Right. You probably don’t know all that much about what the alt-right is, but it’s a lot more than what you’ll ever read on twitter. And though you might have tried to find out about it, the problem there is that in order to avoid being discredited by the coastal media through Alinsky-ite tactics, the alt-right is an explicitly leaderless movement, so they think a lot of things.

You’ve seen these blowups already I’m sure. On the alt-right we see it as a game of media whack a mole. As soon as someone starts to make serious mainstream inroads, their reputation is trashed over some little incident that’s heavily spun and blown way out of proportion.

First is was Richard Spencer. (actually … the very first was probably John Derbyshire, or maybe even Peter Brimelow) Richard's NPI conference featured “roman salutes” from a few of it’s members. The media lambasted Richard for this even though he didn’t actually do the salute. And as a result, he’s still trying to cobble his public image back together. Richard has since been falsely branded ‘a Nazi’ and the left has declared open season on punching him.

Then more recently there was the explosion of Milo Yiannopolous, the outspoken gay provocateur and free speech advocate who’s scheduled speaking engagement at Berkeley caused a riot. Somewhere in his past he said some things which were very loosely interpreted by the mainstream press as being in favor of pedophilia, and in the process lost his CPAC speaking gig and a lucrative book deal.

Ask them and both of these men will tell you that they are very much NOT the leader’s of the alt-right. So how do you learn about a movement when the media makes it impossible for anyone to stand up as it’s leader without having their career destroyed for their trouble?

I’ve moved in these circles for a while now, so I’d like to clear it up for you a little. These are the people and places you should go to, if you want to understand the alt-right and what it “really” wants for America, instead of the frog marching caricature of it, offered up by the Mainstream press.

The first place you should go to read about the alt right is here. Vox Day is very explicitly NOT the leader of the alt-right, but he’s one of the more influential voices. He was involved in the Gamergate movement, which was the very first push back against the social justice warriors, that actually succeeded on a large scale, and in that regard is something like the architect of the movement’s unstructured structure. Vox’s rules have been largely embraced by the bulk of the movement, and he’s extremely well spoken and well read. And as a devout Christian, he offers an excellent perspective on the explicitly pro-Christian version of the alt-right’s views.

The second place you should go is the Amren website and Youtube channel, to learn all you can about the godfather of the Alt-right, Jared Taylor. Jared has confronted the issues of concern to the alt-right for longer than anyone, and has done so with more grace and courage than most of us could muster on any topic. He continues to be the movement’s most prolific and well spoken advocate. Richard Spencer may have coined the term alt-right, but Jared Taylor invented the movement that adopted it. And I’ve met no one in the alt-right who wouldn’t defer to his encyclopedic knowledge and expertise.

He’s been at this a very long time so you might have heard of Jared over the years from the usual media suspects. But the real Jared is a very different man than what you’ve been told in the press, and he’s conveying a very different message. His policy ambitions are very modest, he explicitly rejects the use of violence of any kind (except in personal self-defense), and has no ambitions to empower the state to do anything to anyone, that they wouldn’t otherwise be willing to do on their own.

There are no boxcars in Jared’s future, and no camps and ovens. All he’s really advocating is a temporary (albeit longish term) cessation of immigration, and the freedom of all Americans to associate with whom they chose in the manner they chose to. For this the media has been lying about him for more than a decade, but even that he takes far better than almost anybody. If you’re only going to listen to one person to figure out what the alt-right is about in America, then Jared Taylor is the guy it should be.

Peter Brimelow runs the website where he publishes a variety of thoughtful writers from the alt-right. Among his better known contributors are Ann Coulter, John Debyshire, and Paul Kersey, all of whom are worth your time. Ann you know of course, and you probably remember john Derbyshire when he was unceremoniously defenestrated from National Review, for failing to toe the party line on the overt anti-white racism in the mainstream press.

Then there is, home of the inimitable quant blogger Steve Sailer. Though his interests wander far afield from politics, you should read everything Steve writes. On the quant blogger side I’d also strongly recommend you have a look at the audacious Epigone. From them you can read about the data the Alt-right is looking at and make decisions about it for yourself. Unz also publishes the writing of Robert Weissberg who’s criticism on academia shouldn’t be missed.

There is also and the group blog ace of spades HQ, all of which can offer a very clear eyed and alt-right perspective on the events of the day. Often with very entertaining consequences. They may not be explicitly promoting the alt-right concept, but their writing is very alt-like and like myself, they probably represent a good sampling of what the alt-right audience for the rest of the people I’ve mentioned are thinking.

Then we move over to Youtube. Video is a great format, but where the alt-right is concerned, it’s also the format of choice for those who want to co-opt the movement and make it serve their personal goals. Milo and Richard Spencer both have a meaningful Youtube presence. So you have to take the video contributors with a grain of salt. And excluding Milo and Richard, there are a few other names you should know.

With that said, RamZPaul is in my opinion, the easiest of the alt-right contributors to watch. His videos are short, they stick to the point, and are often funny in a ‘midwestern nice’ sort of way. His channel is the alt-right reduced to pleasant, informative, and entertaining sound bites.

Stefan Molyneaux runs a channel which is more like Alt-right talk radio. He’s extremely informative and has a wide cross section of interviews of the names above listed. If the alt-right ever launches it’s own media platforms to get away from the slander and misrepresentation of the mainstream press, Stefan will no doubt play a big part in it. He’s open minded, fair, and offers less artificial spin than anything you get from your cable box.

Red Ice radio and Red Ice TV are both widely available on Youtube. They are produced in Sweden so it isn’t an exclusively American venue, but it gives you a good eye toward the international component of the cultural changes that the western world is experiencing, and often covers explicitly American concerns. All of it very much anti-globalist.

Then there is Gavin McInnes , the Scottish born Canadian media personality who is tough to squeeze into a box. It’s so tough that he can’t be found in a single location on youtube, and though he has his own channel, you’re probably going to have more luck finding him on Rebel Media, a Canadian focused Alt-right channel.

Gavin was a Fox News Contributor and one of the founders of Vice media, but was ‘asked to depart’. I’ve met Gavin a few times and spoken to him at length. He was the NYU speaker responsible for giving us all Triggly-Prof, and I see him as a kind of merry troublemaker, more interested in having a good time laughing at the idiots of the left, than explicitly making a point. Still, he offers a very alt-right-ish perspective. Of everyone I’ve mentioned, I think he might be the one who is most likely to have a mainstream media blowup in his near future.

There are a wide variety of other alt-right contributors as well, all with their own sometimes large following. These include people like Mike Cernovich, Sargon of Akkad, and a big long list of others that you can find by punching the words Alt-right into a Youtube search. They may feel differently about it, but I see these guys as riding the elephant rather than telling it where to go, much like myself. But by all means watch their videos and decide for yourself.

For me, the list above constitutes a pretty good look at the people who are generating the ideas that drive the movement rather than making the most of it for self promotion. They are the distributed brains of the alt-right, and aren’t going anywhere no matter what the media says about them.

The merge of the alt-right and classic conservatism is obviously going to take some time, and it won’t be seamless. It will involve a cross section of positions from both groups. But we’re at the point now where you shouldn’t be dismissing the alt-right out of hand. You should at least know what aspects of their philosophy and thinking you agree with and which you don’t. These are the guys you should be reading, if you want to figure that out.

The alt-right is not a twitter feed, or a cartoon frog. It’s not David Duke and some psycho sitting in a basement dreaming of camps and ovens. It’s serious men with a serious vision for the future of America. And it’s in all our interests to start giving it the serious look it deserves, even if the mainstream press won’t.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I would also highly recommend Black Pigeon Speaks on Youtube. I think he is a Canadian who spent a lot of time in Japan. His videos are concise and expertly produced.

neal said...

Check out Social Matter. And the ZBlog.