Thursday, February 16, 2017

- I think It's Time For A Media Boycott

Personally I think most boycotts are stupid, even the ones which support causes I like. The Target Boycott for instance. That was a stupid policy for the Target Chief to put in place, and I disagree with it. I'll spend my money elsewhere. but I won't go out of my way to get others to do so.

The News Media is different though. I read Slate pretty religiously just for the rubbernecking. It's hard not to read how they distort the actual events, especially on topics where I consider myself adequately knowledgeable. And where Slate is concerned I kinda get it - they are writing opinion not 'news' and don't claim to be (or if they do, they don't claim it credibly.)

But people like the New York Times and Washington Fishrap aren't doing their jobs. They've become blatant open propagandists. One could argue they always were, but I can't believe they aren't being a little more shameless about it. And from now on, I'm not giving them any of my clicks.

I'm not gonna tell you guys what to do, especially those of you who need that news to do your jobs. But if you can manage it, I'd strongly suggest you stay away from them when you can. If they can listen to the Presidential News Conference that I just did, and not see the division and reform their view just a little, then we owe it to them to stay away, in order to let them know how they're letting us all down.


Bob Krieger said...

So. Much. Win.

Tom Locker said...

I never watch TV news or read the papers. I signed up for the DNC daily email update and eliminated the middleman.

Tom said...

LOL. Clearly you guys are Ace overflow. Thanks for stopping by boys.

The comments section took a big hit here after I took a several month long break from writing during my divorce. Does my heart good to see a little chatter creep back back.