Monday, February 13, 2017

- In Praise Of Heartiste

A great catch from the Heartiste:


And a chance to say something else about New York's "Leftover Women" which got an unbelievable amount of attention after it was posted in the MGTOW reddit last week.

Heartiste is a very interesting site, with an interesting voice. More than any other redpill blog, it reads like you're gazing into an insular subculture of it's own. That can make it tough to get through (though still funny) if you aren't Red Pill aware. But it's very much worth it. Few blogs are so information dense when it comes to the kind of snarky, funny, insulting verbal weaponry that men need to fight the modern culture war.

To the outsider it can seem nasty and abusive, or at the very least a little coarse, heartless, and maybe even juvenile. But all that is by design. That's what this domestic conflict needs. Ridicule, ridicule, ridicule. Give them abuse high, low, in the middle, the front and back, both sides, and anytime you see an opening shove the shiv in there again someplace. No one does that better than Heartiste. See them driven before you, and her the lamentation of their women.

(And if you're a single man, dealing mostly with liberal single women, then following the Heartiste's words will yield you... other more specific benefits... than a simple victory in the culture war.)

With the generation of 'Leftover women' in NYC and our other major urban centers, the enormous price that they have to pay for embracing Feminism, is now coming do. And the photo above highlights it in a painful way. But pain is inevitable if we're going to change. And though I think it's tragic, it's still true none the less that they are the ones who should pay it.

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