Friday, February 10, 2017

- The Leftist Pushback

I'm watching video of "la resitance" on Fox, the astroturf protest from leftist groups designed to make America ungovernable, and to obstruct the Trump administration in the only way they have left. And as I watch, the dynamic is becoming clear to me. Lacking actual democratic alternatives to get their way, the Democrats still have money, and an army of mindless drones prepared to disrupt the normal functions of commerce and government. That isn't going to change.

Because of the Trump team's early onslaught, it's hard to get a clear bearing on things. So much activity in so little time has left us all with a distorted impression of what they're capable of. Trump himself will likely be tied up with photo ops and 'meetings' for the press to discuss this and that, while we rely on his second level of management to try to implement some actual changes.

But whatever they do, they will be resisted in the street, in the academy, and in the media. The academy will craft the anti-American concepts, the media will craft the message, and the drones will get out there to give the media an image of a country in turmoil for the cameras.

Trump won't lay back for this, but it won't really be up to him personally. He'll twitter storm and keep the turmoil going, but that's probably about it. Hopefully, team Trump won't lay back either because it's really they who we now rely upon. My view on what they should do? Agree and amplify should be the tactic, to the limit of the law.

They should suspend ALL immigration for 90 days to get past the 9th circus, immediately fire 50% of the career whitehouse staff to plug the leaks, announce plans to totally wind down the department of education in response to the bill to that purpose currently working its way through congress, cut off funding for any university that endorses a speech code, and issue directives to all the already sworn in Department heads, to plan for a 50% reduction in staff.

Forward not back. No apologies. Attack, don't defend.

The result will be mayhem in government, but it will be temporary. In the meantime it will knock the left off it's heels, and the astroturf will be too busy looking for other work, to get in the way of normal business anymore. And if that means a riot or two at key locations, the Alt-right is energized enough to start taking care of itself.

Keep the peace, arrest the offenders, and slash everything. We on the right will never have protesters out there chaining ourselves together to prevent the garbage from being picked up, but we'll keep the world working in the meantime. Trump should just hit back, twice as hard and let it all escalate. We have the law, and the moral and restricted use of government force on our side.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

"Forward not back. No apologies. Attack, don't defend."

Yes, now we're cooking. And... while we're at it...

"The best defense is a good offense..."

"He that rises to kill you, kill him first..."

"When the bodies hit the floor..."

My, my, my how the tables have turned. Somebody please mention that to John McCain, he doesn't seem to have noticed, "the times they are a changin."