Sunday, February 12, 2017

- Making Staten Island Great Again

Well ICE has begun doing their jobs. The observer records that they have reached New york City, but that's not totally correct, they've only reached Staten Island.

I'm not dissing the place, I know many lovely people from Staten Island. I'm only saying that since it takes two hours to commute to it from Manhattan, 30 minutes more than the bulk of the folks in New Jersey invest in their commute, calling it a part of New York City isn't precisely correct. Politically it's a part of the city - sure. But culturally it's much more deeply connected with Brooklyn, and geographically, with New Jersey. It takes far less time to get to the Jersey shore from there than it does to get to Manhattan during the weekday rush.

With all that said, I couldn't be happier these raids are taking place. However many illegals there are in Staten Island, their number will reduce by much more than the number captured in the raids. Active deportation causes many illegals to 'self-deport' because they don't want to deal with the hassle, an issue that the left always ignores when talking about the cost of deportation. This always left them in the awkward position of arguing that too many people were breaking the law to even begin thinking about actually enforcing it. I can't wait to hear them say the same thing about Chicago's overwhelmingly black on black, stratospheric murder rate.

I've never seen any data on this, but I think it's likely that the kind of people who self depart are the ones, all things considered, that we least need to see leave. They're taking a measure of responsibility for themselves by self deporting, and I'd guess the true parasites will hang in their with their illegal EBT cards, illegal housing benefits and illegal social services to the last possible second.

But honestly, that's just conjecture. And if we lose one along with the other it's a small price to pay in order to once again live in a nation where the laws are not openly ignored.

If the left want's to throw the doors open and invite the whole world to live here, changing the law should be their route. What they did under Obama was not change the law but disregard it. And that's no way to run a country.

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