Friday, February 3, 2017

- Meanwhile At NYU

I'm really sorry I missed this. (I haven't been following closely enough). Our friend Gavin McInnes was shouted down at NYU while trying to give a speech. the videos are NSFW because of language - but it's mostly stupid leftist chants.

It may look like weak tea compared to the Berkeley riots which are now finally getting some mainstream attention, but it's the same leftist idiots with the same tactics. Milo's speech was just better promoted and arguably better attended. There was pepper spray for Gavin and the usual assortment of passive aggressive political violence we've seen from the other little girls of ANTIFA.

I'm very encouraged to see the NYC police taking a hard line approach. Wear a mask, raise a hand, get hauled in. Good for them. Hopefully we'll have Felony riot charges for them too, though this is a city with Communist Mayor with a fake name, so I doubt the political superstructure here are free speech absolutists.

How about the cops though huh? Good for them. I'm gonna send a note to Gavin so the rest of us can be a little better informed on when and where he's joining his friend Milo is confronting leftist hypocrisy. I don't want to let the "Proud Boys" have all the fun.

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