Friday, February 24, 2017

- Media Hysteria

Sean Spicer called a 'gaggle' news briefing and hand picked the attendees, excluding CNN the NYTimes and Politico. Time magazine then refused to attend. Spice had a story about 'space' and it's technically correct. But the story is being talked up like it's the end of the Constitution.

The fake news issue, I've discussed before. It's the artificial negative framing of the stories which is at issue for Trump, and the media is blatantly and obvious guilty of this. "Asteroid to Strike Earth" is fine, "Women and Minorities hardest hit" is Fake. Pretty straight forward if you ask me.

CNN has already said that they're just "reporting facts the Whitehouse doesn't like". You would imagine that people who work with words for a living would generally understand them better, but apparently that isn't so. Still, this is where we are.

For entertainment purposes, I like the idea of Trump simply excluding those news agencies that clearly have no intention of treating him or his team fairly. But I honestly don't think this sort of tactic will help much. No one puts baby in the corner, as they say. And CNN doesn't need access to the President or his Press Secretary to make up their version of the news. And I don't imagine being treated like the bad kid is going to make them stop. I know it never did for me when I was a bad kid.

The pressure on the press should really be coming from us. The people who consume the news. But ironically, I know MORE people who watch CNN now in order to see their spin than I did before. And fairness is off the table for them. They're too invested in the idea of themselves as important.

Now obviously I'm no expert in how to handle an angry and openly hostile press, but I think it would be more effective to make them invisible. Let them attend the briefings but simply don't see them. They'll cry, stamp their feet, and hold their breath. But you know how kids are. And when they're hysterical, you just have to wait it out.

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