Friday, February 10, 2017

- No Excuse For This

She hasn't done a thing. Not a single solitary thing as Education Secretary. So what the hell are these idiots protesting about? What is she supposed to be ashamed of? Maybe they think she's a NAzi or something in spite of her being a part of the oppressed majority minority of women.

This is the problem with letting 1/4 of your population subscribe to a totally fictitious worldview. We need to stuff the jails to the rafters with assholes like these.

PS Isn't it kind of ironic that the last time someone blocked the door to a school the Democrats cheered, and now it's them blocking the door to the school... again? That's right. George Wallace was a Democrat too.

PPS - All over the country crowds are screaming and wailing at congressional town halls screaming "this is what Democracy looks like" in order to protest the results of the election, which since they clearly don't know, is what Democracy really looks like.

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