Friday, February 3, 2017

- Professor(?) Rebecca Goyette for DNC Chair

From the comments section from that video of the professor losing her mind, we have a potential ID.


The source of that ID seems to have been incorrect, so I've pulled the pic and redacted her name in the text and title. Because her actual views seem to be so awful, I'll leave the original text here with apologies to a professor XXXXXXX in the hope that she uses this circumstance to sharpen up a little. This seems pretty fair to me - certainly better than a member of the right would get at the hands of the New York Times. It's my feeling that we are not fair to our opponents for their sake, but for our own.

The actual ID of the women who has come to be known as Trigglyprof is Rebecca Goyette. She taught a class once at a small second rate state school in NJ, and used that as her justification for calling herself a "Profetthor!!!". I was early on this, publishing the video and the possible ID at least a day before the right leaning media at large. But at this point others have reviewed her "work" more carefully, so I leave it to you to peruse those other descriptions.


From her bio we see that she obtained her PHD from Tulane University in Economics. By which we can surmise that she's a drunk. I know, that sound too critical. But I know a lot of Tulane graduates and have been to N'ahlans quite a bit, and 100% of the people I know who went there (including Andrew Breitbart) were drunks. OK, it's a generality so it's not a 100% chance individually. She could be on the wagon or something. But it's definitely the way to bet.

She has also gotten something less than glowing reviews from her students at

Rebecca [XXXXXXXXX] single-handedly managed to ruin interest in American politics for several students in my class. She is arrogant, rude, difficult to understand, and grades her excessively difficult exams based on her narrow perceptions rather than facts and reasoning from the readings. Avoid her at all costs.

Yeah, that sound like her. Or how about this one:

Worst Professor I've ever had here. I had her my first semester of my freshman year, and she's the reason I'm not a politics major. I'm now a senior in a different dept., and she's still the least helpful, most obscure, most irritating, and most likely to make me gouge my eye out with a rusty spoon. DO NOT TAKE HER CLASSES. The End.

Well kids you know how it is when you have to sober up for class. Sometimes it can be a little tough to focus.

And yet, irony isn't wasted on her. She recently published a paper with the following title:

The Dark Side of the Vote:
Biased Voters, Social Information, and Information Aggregation
Through Majority Voting

I only read the first few sentences of it. It mentions "biased voters" and "worse outcomes" without qualifiers. No explanation (or objective definition of) what "bias" or "worse" mean in this context. From her spittle flecked rant I'd guess that it means outcomes that disagree with hers, for reasons she can't understand. I think it's probably a review of John Kerry's failure to win the presidency in spite of his being a "better" candidate than GWB. I guess the cause was "bias" right?

She looks meek enough, but when you put women in a position of even meager authority, the result is disaster far more often than not. This woman thinks she's an expert on elections, but she's clearly a 3rd rate academic at best. So this past election must have been quite a shock for her. And rather than take a good look at how Trump won, I'm sure she's just fuming about the russians and blaming voter "bias' and the FBI.

And if you really want to see what the woman is like, by all means go back to the 10:20 mark in the video on that last post. Like I said, this stuff never gets old. She quite literally seems like she nearly averted a stroke. She obviously doesn't belong at any serious academic institution, and even Community college might be a bit much for her. And all you NYU alums, might want to consider dropping the Alumni office a little note to that effect.


Upon reflection and about half a dozen views of that video, I'd like to nominate professor [XXXXXXXXXX] for Chairperson of the DNC. I think it's clear that she embodies all that is good and right about the Democrat party, and would be the perfect candidate to give the DNC the direction, focus and clarity of thought, that it so desperately needs.

Here is the video again. Cue it up to the 10:20 mark, every time you need a chuckle.

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