Thursday, February 16, 2017

- The Party Of Nonsensical Corrolary

There is usual scatter shot of noise today out of the media. But I’d like to take a step back a bit and look at it from altitude. I find that sometimes helps to keep things in perspective.

Strategically speaking, the left is very, very, very, angry. When I say the left, I mean the media, the Democrat party (such as it is), the professional civil service, academia, the ‘clients’ who survive as wards of the overgenerous state, and the collection of odd ball activists and ‘awareness raising’ lay-abouts that the left uses to stand in for grassroots support. The only label that would be in any real dispute there is maybe the last one, and I don’t think that is a mischaracterization because as soon as Obama stopped running for reelection the left starting losing elections, like losing elections was their goal.

At the moment they have lost control of the Presidency, the Senate, the House, most State Governorships, nearly 2/3 of the State houses, and god only knows how many local elections, town councils, and school boards. If each person in the street with a ‘Not My President’ sign in one hand and a can of mace in other really represented 100 (or even 10) more people at home, we’d be in the early stage of the Hillary Clinton Presidency, instead of one State house away from a ‘Republican Only’ Constitutional Convention.

Results are results. And as much squawking as they may manage when trying to ‘silence the opposition’, if the Democrat mobs really represented a mass uprising Trump wouldn’t be President right now. But he is, and they’re angry about it. So angry they can’t form the sentences neccesary to tell us what they really want.

So what are they mad about… precisely? It’s actually kind of hard to say. I mean, the left has a ton of names for it, but most don’t amount to anything much.

The problem is this:

For a few decades now, the left has focused very singularly on the tactic of accusing the right of being bad people driven by evil motives. And it served their various immediate purposes for the words they used for those accusations to have very flexible meanings. But that’s been so overdone at this point, that they no longer mean anything at all. And the American public is being asked by them to automatically connect dots that don’t obviously go together.

Are you in favor of Gun rights? You’re homophobic. “Wait…what?” Want Lower taxes? That’s Misogynistic. “Um… wait a sec.” Are you concerned about freedom of speech? That’s racist. “Oh… come on now!” None of it makes any sense. The Democrat party has made itself the party of nonsensical corollaries, and the American public are voting accordingly.

Meanwhile the right has undergone a major change as well. In the past, accusing a ‘conservative’ of having an evil motive would always put them on the defensive and win the point for the Democrats. It’s why they love to play that game. But a new kind of conservative has arrived on the scene. And carrying their banner are Trump and the people around him.

These days the left yells ‘Homophobe!” and the right says: “You’re a liar, go fuck yourself!” They scream “Misogynist!!!” and the right says, “You’re a liar, and go fuck yourself!” They scream “RRRRACIST!!!” And the right says “You’re a liar, you can’t ask any more questions … and by the way, go fuck yourself!”

After decades of preemptive surrender to the opposition on all issue of moral behavior and thought, the right is finally standing up for itself. And the result is that they’re winning. We're not quite at the point where we can have a reasoned debate about things yet, but at least we're not in the permanent stalled position of 'standing athwart history screaming stop' while the left goes over us with a steam roller, pulling trailer after endless trailer full of taxpayer funded $20 and $50 dollar bills.

And this new defiance has put the left, mouths still agape from shock, in a very unexpected position. They don’t really know how to respond to it, so they’re trying a little bit of everything else.

First they’re upping their ‘accusation’ game and instead of maligning motives, they’re now impugning goals. They do this by going straight to the last villains we all agreed were ‘really bad’. “Nazi’s” and “Fascist”, and “actually Hitler” have taken the place of the usual Democrat complaints. But “Free speech” is hardly a Fascist policy, and no one has seen an actual Nazi leader since they caught Adolph Eichmann hiding under his bed in 1960 Buenos Aires. So the new accusation game is also falling on deaf ears just like the old one.

Next, they’re trying ‘make everything into mayhem’ tactics of rioting with mace, broken bricks, Irish confetti, and shutting down the highways and airports. Historically this hasn’t been a very productive tactic for cultural change, and usually just results in swollen prisons. Given that the people in power don’t particularly care what they say, one can assume it will end the same way this time no matter how loudly the activists accuse team Trump of being “Racist, Sexist, Fascist, Nazi Hitler!”

Finally there is the civil service revolt, where instead of doing their jobs as requied by law, they break the law and leak confidential data to the press in an effort to destabilize Trump’s key players. The Democrats in Congress and their friends in the press are having a bunch of fun with this one since it gives them a new villain to summon from history’s dust bin. Suddenly “Nixonian” and “Watergate like” are all the big adjectives in the media. But the problems with that corollary are pretty obvious as well.

For instance, this time the only ones who have made any recordings of dubious legality are Democrats. And the only ones who have clearly broken the law are the Democrat operatives who released them to the media. Sooner or later someone is going to notice the inconsistency. Tucker Carlson is back from vacation on Monday. I don’t expect this will miss his notice.

For now though, it’s getting a ton of media play, and not surprisingly, all with a marked anti-Trump spin. I guess the media would rather talk about that than write another story about how team Trump has made them look like vain, shallow, uselessly partisan hacks again. I’ll bet it’s not wasted on the public though.

I don’t really know where all this goes. I don’t know what happens when one party doesn’t want to do anything but accuse the opposition of being the worst people in the world, and the other party stops caring what they say. Most people in my circles think that the left lacks the moral character to face up to the fact that they did this to themselves, and the result will be greater and greater violence. Personally, I think they’ll just get exhausted from it all, but not without breaking a few windows first.

A lot depends on whether Team Trump keeps the machine running in spite of all the damage that the left has been doing to it. We’ll see. It’s really only one of the problems he’s inherited as President.

The long term solution to the civil service revolt is to make them into former civil servants. Trump got a part of his fame saying “you’re fired” for a living, so I don’t think he’s much afraid of that. And his reputation as a counter puncher is deserved, so I think we can expect the narrative to change again, very soon.

And as soon as it does, so too will the liberal accusations. I don't know what else they can call us exactly, they've exhausted all the common social reference points. Maybe Trump will be something colorful like Hannibal and those American that support him will be new Carthaginians. Those names scared at least a few generations of Romans. Or maybe he'll be Hirohito and we can all be Kamikaze's? No. No... both too remote. Maybe he can be the black death and we'll be his ... what ... rats? Fleas? No. The left isn't that imaginative. He'll probably just be Osama Bin Laden and we'll be his suicide bombers or something like that. That's a tough one since radical Islam is on the same side as the left, but thankfully for them it doesn't have to make sense. All the other great villains of history are people that the left actually likes.

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