Friday, February 3, 2017

- The Red Pill Right

In the fast evolving world of post Trump America, we now have a new term for the new right. The left (mostly the mainstream media) has been weaving together the phrases alt-Right and Neo-Nazi as quickly as they can. Let's see how long it takes for them to do the same with this one. (Sheltered by Milo's sexual preference, I think it will take just a little longer.)

I do think the incremental dismantling of the moral argument defending "hate speech" is exactly the right way to go. And these are the guys to make it. But when the hate speech concept begins to sink, it will be time for College Republicans to start engaging different ideas. Milo is protected by his enjoyment of black men, which firmly anchors him in a victim group, and silences much of the left. But when a white heterosexual man can say this (and other things that are arguably even more controversial) then we'll know that we really are heading back toward being a free country.

And I have a few 'speaker' suggestions for college Republicans when that time comes. Guys named, Brimelow, Taylor and Derbyshire, are the very first who come to mind. But certainly Vox, Cernovich, and Spencer would be on the list s well.

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