Tuesday, February 7, 2017

- The Same Useless Argument

This Federalist piece is interesting only in that it makes the same useless arguments. I don't say useless because they're wrong, they aren't. They're absolutely correct in my opinion. I say they're useless because they are purely rational, and the right has been making them for well over a decade to no effect.

You can't get through to those suffering from mass hysteria with reason. You can't get through to the hyper partisans of academia with logic. We've been down this road. Their minds do not seek the objective truth, they are only interested in self congratulation, and the ego reinforcement of an opposition that is silenced - by force if necessary.

Their politics is central to their identity because it excuses them from accountability. They are religious devotees not free citizens. And they despise opposition as much as any dogmatic thinkers. Yet the Federalist offers nothing but the same old tired argument about facts and objective evidence, and I'm bored and frustrated with it because it will never penetrate liberal ego defenses.

So what do we do about it?

Apart from force, and even more force to deal with the subsequent hysterics that will come from it, I see no options. I'm open to them if you can think of one. If anyone can tell me how to engage in debate with someone who refuses to admit that any view but theirs even could be correct, I'm open to it. Force is a crappy option with lots of unwelcome side effects, and I don't prefer it. Not for their sake mind you, they don't deserve to be treated like the free citizens they pretend to be. I don't like it for our sake.

But I don't see any other options. It's either be burned as a witch, or strike a few matches of our own.

Force comes in a lot of forms, and since the law is on our side, force sanctioned by the government and constrained by the law would really be best. Pull their funding. Impose regulation. Bring market forces back into academia and use that to "force" them to listen to reason.

But the other alternative is unsanctioned force. And if we don't get one, we're almost certainly going to get the other. the right doesn't lie down for this nonsense anymore. And without action from the government, someone (probably the leftists) is going to get hurt.

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