Wednesday, February 1, 2017

- Sargon Explains ANTIFA

I've been fascinated with ANTIFA lately. I took a look around their various websites, but it's all a disconnected mess without political or intellectual coherence. It's basically just a big expressions of rage, like the Occupy movement that preceded it. The total lack of media attention for their movement eventually led me to Sargon of Akkad, a popular Youtube commentator.

I don't know Sargon, but we swim in the same ocean. He's been a part of the anti-Feminist and anti-progressive messaging available on youtube for a long time, and is much admired by some of the Canadian anti-Feminist/Men's rights folks I've linked in the past. I'll say this, though I don't know his stuff very well (there is a mountain of it) with the limited exposure I've had he seems an excellent speaker, a first rate writer, and an obvious clever guy.

He put together this summary of who the ANTIFA and Black Bloc people are, and I found it very useful and entertaining. If you're curious about them I think this will do the trick for you.

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ikaika said...

I've listened to a few of Sargon's posts. Always enjoyable. The footage of the working stiff not putting up with the blac-blochead shit anymore was worth the watch. I don't care that he slugged a woman, she assaulted him, and she earned it. The douche with the flag literally pooed his BDU's when the guy came after him "Lets go Bitch!".
Reminds of the time during the war protests in NYC. A group of us traders were heading over to Bryant Park for drinks and we were surrounded by these idiots in black on bicycles. A trader from staten island who was built like a gorilla had one of these guys ride too close to him. He turned and said: "C'mon, do it again...". cops watching.. another rider tried to harass him from his blind side.. the gorilla saw it coming and close-lined the rider off the bike, grabbed him by the throat and with almost one hand picked up the stunned idiot by throat and slammed him back to the pavement. Not finished, he picks up the bike and hurls it at the group of bloc-heads. They plead to the cops to arrest him. The cops laugh and say "you had it coming!"