Wednesday, February 1, 2017

- Science Doesn't Require Marching

Dear Sirs,
Upon hearing of your march for science, I naturally became very excited. I'm contacting you as a represent of a group of people with a deep interest in the science of genetics and evolution - two of the life science cornerstones. Yet in spite of overwhelming and well documented evidence to support our views, and a broad consensus among geneticists regarding the effect of genetics on human populations, we find our views and resultant positions marginalized and excluded from the public conversation of policies which this scientific knowledge should affect.

So naturally we're very excited to see that there will be a march, specifically dedicated to inclusion of marginalized groups (like ours), and specifically designed to call attention to issues of science. We will be happy to participate in your March, and look forward to our future inclusion in the policy debate around the effects of genetics and evolution on human group mean IQ's.

(On behalf of the Alt-Right)

PS. Only kidding. We know the extreme lengths you're all going to in order to try to keep us marginalized and excluded from the conversation. But scientific facts are scientific facts, and you aren't going to be able to keep a lid on them forever. We also know how frightened you are of us. We don't feel that fear is really justified, but the more violently you behave toward us, the more afraid you should be.

Only the weakest most unsupported ideas require the silencing of dissent. We welcome reasoned dissent from our views, and are open to any thoughtful debate. And we find it ironic that you struggle so mightily to silence dissent from your views for the same reason.

Your morality is based on lies. And lies are all eventually revealed. It's unavoidable. So you had all better start working on your plan B, because your plan A of shouting down the opposition and halting reasoned discussion is crumbling before your eyes.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I suspect open discussion about: Inheritable nature of IQ, human biodiversity, and researchers who had their careers destroyed for not following the climate change narrative will not be on the protestor's agenda.