Thursday, February 2, 2017

- The Self Defeating Left

I'm a little surprised that the left hasn't figured out that when "Normal" equals "Nazi", then "Nazi" also equals "Normal". Gavin has a bunch of specific examples here. They have unwillingly (and unwittingly) normalized the very thing that they have sacrificed so much of their credibilty to avoid normalizing.

The words, Bigot, Racist, Misogynist, Homophobe, Islamophobe, and Nazi all used to be debate ending words. But when those words are used to describe EVERYONE who disagrees with you, then they take on a totally new meaning.

It's all over. The left has collapsed. There is nothing left but to round up the Pedophiles and their rioting supporters, and throw them all in jail. Then we can get about the business of building something resembling a free country again. LEftist Activism and Objective Journalism are no longer compatible. Now it's up to the mainstream media to either follow their brethren into oblivion, or to open their doors to dissent and allow the American people to decide for themselves.


ikaika said...

prepare for mass bed-wetting! Swamp Draining from the top-down.
I can appreciate the 21st century business approach to compliance and oversight and Trump sees no difference between public traded companies and government.

"The Utah Republican spoke to the committee saying, “He came up to me and said, ‘you do a great job. You do a great job,’ which of course I agreed with. Then he said, ‘listen, I understand that I am the President. You have a job to do. You do oversight. Don’t slow down. You go after everything you want to go after. You look at everything you want to look at.’”

"Chaffetz continued, “If you sat there and heard what he said to me about pursuing oversight of the government and the function that we fulfill, you’d be pretty inspiring, and it was inspiring to me. For him to convey the message, ‘don’t slow down, do your job, there’s a lot to get after with the government,’ I think that’s a good message.”

ikaika said...

Gavin's article is not a must read, but important as it documents the truth behind the Left. These people are not deranged, they are evil

Muzzlethemuz said...

"These people are not deranged, they are evil"
Yup, I totally agree and that's why the violence is coming. It's inevitable, after all, this isn't rhetoric we're dealing with, it's evil. You don't debate evil or rationalize it. You kill it. It's been tolerated way too long.