Thursday, February 2, 2017

- Since You Brought Up "Must Reads"

(And how the hell are ya anyway dude? You don't call... you don't write...)

I think this one from Ace Qualifies as a "Must Read":

The left politicizes everything, and given the left's increasing cultishness, that means they religicize everything. Everything -- not just a few rules about sodomy and marriage and abortion -- becomes a Sacred Principle which must be fought for with the passionate fury of the zealot, from whether private religiously-based organizations must pay for a woman's $9 per month birth control pills to whether the Pagan Deceiver Milo Yiannopolous can be allowed to step foot upon the sanctified ground of Berkeley Auditorium 3C.

I think the Federalist article he links in that piece qualifies too, but I'll let you get it from him. Good online manners and all. The only thing I'll add to it is this.

The SJW movement is already about bands of the faithful going forth and purging the heretics. Ask someone who has dealt with a false rape accusation on a college campus if the response of reason and persuasion would have done him any good. Ask John Derbyshire how the establishment treats heretics with a long record of using only reason and persuasion.

For those of us who can, we should be belting this assholes right in the chops at every opportunity. With a 2x4 if one is handy.

These SJW/Black Bloc kids they are the weakest among us, of both body and spirit. They are deep in thrall to the leftist cult, and by giving them a dose of reality in the face, we not only defend ourselves but teach them an important personal lesson about cause and effect. We'd all be the better for it.

I believe in non violence, and would always prefer debate and negotiation over bricks and bullets. But there is no way anyone is ever convince me to not shoot back.

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