Wednesday, February 15, 2017

- Standing Up To The New American Nazi's

There’s a very simple reason why the left sees evil fascists and nazis everywhere, and so overstate the nature of disagreement with their positions. They’ve been taught that any opposition to their view is driven solely and exclusively by hate. But whether right or wrong on that score, and I’ll bet they’re mostly wrong – they certainly are in my case - motive isn’t the salient issue. The real reason they misidentify perfectly normal civic-minded Americans as Nazi’s everywhere they look, is that they’ve forgotten who the Nazis were.

Throughout history hatred of ‘others’ has been a pretty stable motivator for a small part of the population. Few good things came of the mobs motivated by it, but it’s cause as a motivator has been pretty stable through time. Even a superficial look at history can show you countless instances of 'in-group' vs 'out-group' conflict, motivated by mutual hatred, particularly in the case of public riots.

And though that kind of social pressure clearly played a part in the multi-cultural changes of 1030’s Germany, there isn't any real reason to believe that the 1930’s Germans felt ‘hate’ more than anyone else. The thing that so differentiated the Nazis from the rest of history was that their leadership was both wrong about what drives a man’s character, and were at the same time unquestioningly certain, much like today’s liberals, that their view was correct, regardless of the evidence.

It’s that cult like ideological certainty that most differentiated them. And from that unshakable certainty grew their ruthlessness in pursuing their goals “By Any Means Necessary”. They saw themselves as a movement to save Germany from perniciousness, and were willing to use force out of fear that the values they held dear would be lost otherwise. To me that sound far more like the progressive movement which permeates academia, the civil service and the media than it resembles the fledgling collection of writers, comedians, and activists who make up the nascent alt-right. But there are many more connections.

Preorders on Milo’s upcoming book is currently making it number 1 on the Amazon sales charts. When it hits the shelves I have no doubt in my mind that this will result in a bunch of BAMN and Anti-Fa protesters standing around a pile of burning books, while simultaneously proclaiming that they’re standing up to Neo-Nazis in spite of their similarity. That’s the moment when the irony of the academic left, eternally missed by today’s progressives, will reach triple ultra mega levels.

It would be closer to the truth to say that the people in modern America who are accused of being Neo-Nazis are the nation’s “Jews” and the Anti-Fa and BAMN protesters are the brownshirts. It would be, except for one major problem. In 1930’s Germany, Jews actually existed. If the SS had started grabbing people off the street at random and accusing them all of being Jews in spite of their protestations, it would be much close to today’s scenario.

The Jews in 1930’s Germany were deeply envied for their success, much like today’s straight white males. They were a distinct sub-culture of multi-cultural Germany, but had outsized success, and that made them an easy target for Hitler as he rose to prominence. Had his language been just a little different, he would have sounded much more like today's progressives by declaring that his movement was in 'support' of those attacked sub groups of Saxons, Bavarians, Hessians, and Westphalians, all of who were suffering under what he could have called "the dominance of the Jews".

Hitler was leading a movement that could more accurately be called “Aryan Lives Matter”. He was short on evidence, long on passion, and was using hardship to tap into animosity for the “rich” in the same way that today’s leftists do. Forget the fact that he was actually a socialist and a man of the left. He was leading a movement designed to find the villains of society and to hold them accountable for all the broader society’s problems. In today’s political market, he would be raging against Wall Street, white men and heterosexuals.

And yes, he’d probably also hate the Jews of modern America. The Divestiture movement would certainly be a part of his retinue.

The Jews were a distinct tribe and sub culture in 1930’s Germany, with their own communities and traditions. It made them separate from the rest of the “real Germans” much like the way the left now says that anyone who believes our Immigration policies should be for the benefit of the people already here, isn’t a “real American”. Heteronormative white men aren’t an easily identifiable sub group in the same way as the 1930's German Jews, but after 2 decades of full on identity politics, the left has strived mightily and to some effect, to make them that way. The parallels are everywhere.

And then there is this charming quote from the Jewish Virtual Library regarding Hitler’s first anti-Semitic writing:

The deduction from all this is the following: an antisemitism based on purely emotional grounds will find its ultimate expression in the form of the pogrom.[1] An antisemitism based on reason, however, must lead to systematic legal combating and elimination of the privileges of the Jews, that which distinguishes the Jews from the other aliens who live among us

Jewish Privilege. Jews were seen as a privileged group who used this advantage to maintain their status and wealth, in the face of ‘real Aryan’ poverty. The only rational conclusion to draw here is that if you’re looking for the new Neo-Nazis, the people you should be looking at are the ones who are launching pogroms, restricting others by special law to restrict ‘privilege’, using violence on their political opponents, and at least very soon, burning books.

Richard Spencer has less in common with Hitler than he does with Herman Stern:

It [the photo] was taken on or about March 25, 1933, in the small German town of Creglingen, where a mob hauled Stern and more than a dozen other men from a synagogue, dragged them to city hall and pummeled them with iron pipes.

Stern, then 67, was the first of the men to die. He's now considered one of the initial victims of the Holocaust in which about six million Jews perished.

That crazy little Berkeley Middle School teacher from the Berkeley riots, is obviously filled to the brim with hate. But that’s not why she’s a leader in the new Nazi movement. She’s a leader in the New Nazi’s because as the name of her organization states, she’s prepared to see her opponents crushed “By Any Means Necessary”. If she’s honest then, one can only assume that camps and ovens are also among her options. The only difference is that the Alt-Right, unlike Germany’s Jews of the 30’s, will not be herded into box cars without a fight.

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