Monday, February 27, 2017

- The Upside Of Mass Hysteria

I got up really early this morning, and it’s become my habit on these days to go back and correct at least a few of my gazillion spelling and punctuation errors in my last few posts.

But rereading and correcting my stuff today, got me thinking about things. What an utterly weird moment in American history this is.

The American left has spent the last decade struggling to get the boot of government onto the necks of people they disagree with. And when those people looked up at the boot and told them they didn’t like it, by peacefully electing someone who promised to remove it, they instantly accused them of being the kind of people who want to put the boot of government onto the necks of Americans.

When in all of human history has mass delusion and emotional projection, played such an important role in such a broad swath of human events?

And at exactly the same moment, the most socially ascendant political movement in the US (maybe in the entire western world) is being run by precisely no-one. When asked if they are the leaders, the very first thing it’s various shapers and architects say is “Absolutely not”. And then they continue to do what they do, all the while trying very hard to avoid any individual notoriety.

This same utterly leaderless yet still socially ascendant movement, is then accused by its opponents of being a prospective tyranny, when the only actual political changes that it’s ‘leaders’ are asking for, is to please close the door and leave us all alone.

For this their opponents accuse them of being Nazis and pedophiles, use violence against them, hold riots, set fires, break windows, and make it socially acceptable to ‘punch them in the face’. And the members of our “News” media take the oppositions seriously, while doing their very best to help demonize this leaderless, socially ascendant movement.

This is a movement that everyone disavows and that no one belongs to, that is still changing everything that American (and western) politics is all about. It’s actually run by a bunch of modest and soft spoken middle aged men and senior citizens, all in modest suburban homes, who spend their days staring into glowing screens and pecking at keyboards. But to their opponents, they are describes as polishing their jackboots, frog marching around the family room and gazing into the mirror at themselves while holding their combs under their nose like Charlie Chaplin.

The left hates them. The old right hates them. The press hates them. The Neo-cons hate them. The lobbyists, bureaucrats, and the ‘deep state’ all hate them. The government dependent clients of the left all hate them. And they are still the ones who are accused of promoting hate.

Honestly, it’s surreal. No one in Hollywood has this much imagination. And though Hollywood is where the movement’s greatest and most vocal critics come from, and they are all treated like the greatest thinkers of our age, they can’t even get their own award show right.

What a world. I feel lucky and blessed to be present to witness it. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

In my city there are flyers up about rallies for "immigration rights". When you read the literature, it seems like people are afraid that green card holders and naturalized citizens will be packed into box cars; shipped to points unknown.

The above is but one small example of the Left losing its mind since the election.

Christ.. I was depressed when Obama got elected (twice!).. but I don't remember anyone on my side of the aisle having a meltdown like this. We just bought a lot of guns and went about our lives.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Beautiful. Yes, this is unprecedented, in my lifetime at least and quite possibly unlike any political upheaval since the mid-19th century.

Please, some RFNJ commentary on Bush II coming out yesterday against Trump's war on the media. The Bush family... it's like Ebba Eban said of the Arabs, "they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

Tom said...

I don't know Muzz, I don't think I can get a whole piece out of my feelings on the GWB speaking on Trump thing. he's promoting book so of course he's speaking. But he's trying to stay out of the fray more or less. the Media RRRREEEAAALLLY don't want him too, but he's doing his modest best.

I always liked GWB personally more than as an office holder. He was absolutely unapologetic about his abortion position which was the media cudgel du jour during his administration. His support for the troops was genuine. And though I think he was wrong about some things, there are worse sins than being wrong. I'm disinclined to judge harshly.

He's allowed to disagree with Trump I guess. I don't find it so shocking or horrifying. It's not like that isn't a well worn path.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Agreed re GWB's integrity and modesty. The totality of the Bush legacy including the father, the brother and the Iraq II war have really soured me on that family, of course that 1989 firearm import ban, ugh... I'll leave it at that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.