Wednesday, February 22, 2017

- Welcome To The Real World Antifa

Antifa members live in an alternate universe where virtually any difference in outcomes between people is seen as racist, fascist, and an example of patriarchal repression of women and gays. But their universe has just collided with the real world. CNN:

A total of 214 people have been indicted so far on felony rioting charges in connection with the Inauguration Day protests in downtown Washington.

On the morning of January 20, protests over Donald Trump's inauguration turned violent when black-clad "anti-fascist" protesters smashed storefronts and bus stops, hammered out the windows of a limousine and eventually launched rocks at a phalanx of police.

In prison, Antifa protesters will get to experience first hand a system designed to treat everyone equally in spite of their behavior. The food is the same, the accommodations are the same, the clothing is the same, and everything is free.

Yes, there will be a few compromises like a heavily armed force ensuring that freedom of movement is curtailed, the occasional gang rape in the showers, and being under constant threat of violence from the other inmates who are more willing to 'go the extra mile' for their views and impose their will "by any means necessary". But if you want perfect equality, you have to break a few eggs, and I'm sure the Antifa kids will welcome these small concessions, in exchange for all the equality on offer.

Have fun kids, and remember, you're just a few steps closer to that perfect world of equality that you've all been dreaming of. To paraphrase a quote often attributed to Queen Victoria, "Just close your eyes, and think of America."

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