Thursday, March 30, 2017

- Another Personal Note

It's a transplant era for RFNJ. And I don't mean the metaphorically. There was my Bro of course, who is doing better every day, and our friend RP who donated a kidney. But there was one more bit of Medical drama I haven't mentioned.

Many of you who have been involved in the RFNJ hunting excursions, have met and talked to my old friend Randy, a former Fixed Income portfolio manager and gun guy from my Hedge Fund past. Even though he was a lifelong non-smoker, he's had a serious chronic lung problem. Well 5 weeks ago at UCLA, he traded his lungs for another pair, 'slightly used'.

I heard from him today and he sounds better than he has in years. He's certainly more optimistic, and getting stronger every day. I'm shocked to discover that the recovery time for such a major thing is actually better than what my bro is going through, but I'm nothing but pleased to hear my old friend sounding so much better.

It's a very optimistic moment, for all parties involved. Just one more reason for all of us to try to put the Obama years behind is.

- The Price of A Strawberry

Like many days these days, you have to take pieces like this with a grain of salt. But like most 'fake news', there is a whisper of truth under the hood. The thing that always get's me is, with all the massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) money pumped into the system in the last decade, where is all the inflation?

The short answer there is that we've exported most of it. It came across the ocean in the form of cheap chinese bikes and electric fans. Our cash went to China, the currencies took the brunt of the difference, and what came back was ridiculously low priced stuff. But there is a little more to it.

Personally I found this piece I posted a few months ago very persuasive. To summarize, Economist Robert Blumen claims that what would have been inflation in the form of excess Treasure debt was absorbed in the form of leverage by the derivatives market and Hedge Funds. But the thing that discounts is that the numbers don't quite match up. We should still have modest inflation falling out the bottom of all that financial engineering.

And I think of the difference every time some chamber of commerce type starts talking about the jobs Americans won't do. By allowing illegal immigration to depress wages, our government keeps those wages low, and prevents the cheap money flooding the market from being reflected in the form of wages that would be higher otherwise. Think for a minute about the humble strawberry.

We could pay Bill and Mike to pick the strawberries, but it would cost a lot more. That cost would be reflected in lower profits and higher prices. Did you catch that? It's the same strawberry, but the price for it is higher. That sounds just like inflation because in many cases, it is. In order for excess capital to be reflected in higher price inflation, the money needs to flow down to the labor market where a small individual increase in cost is, thanks to our incredibly efficient economy, reflected in a relatively substantial increase in price.

But if instead of paying Bill and Mike, we pay Miguel and Gerardo to pick the strawberries. Those guys will consume some things just like everyone else, and a little bit of inflation will poke through here and there. But the strawberry price will stay low because Miguel and Gerardo aren't making much, and their wages aren't rising. In effect it's inflation avoidance through regulatory arbitrage, but the regulation we're arbitraging, are our own. Those guys will also repatriate a portion of their earning to their homeland, so their cousins and brother in laws, and their aunt's cousin's, brother in law can come here too. It's not much in a Macro sense - just a few billion dollars a year. But between it, and the depressed and unmoving wages, the inflation never appears where it otherwise would.

It's been awhile since I've picked apart economic statistics, and to be perfectly honest, I don't have time right now either. So a story will have to do. But I'm sure if we worked out exactly what the prevailing wage would be absent the millions of illegals we have here artificially depressing the price of labor, the mystery of our missing inflation would start to emerge from the fog. Just a thought.

- Reproductive Health Services

Let's see how the Feminists react to this idea:

A new birth control method for men has the potential to win as much as half the $10 billion market for female contraceptives worldwide and cut into the $3.2 billion of annual condom sales, businesses dominated by pharmaceutical giants Bayer AG, Pfizer Inc. and Merck & Co., according to estimates from the last major drug company to explore the area. India’s reversible procedure could cost as little as $10 in poor countries, and may provide males with years-long fertility control, overcoming compliance problems and avoiding ongoing costs associated with condoms and the female birth-control pill, which is usually taken daily.

Let me offer a humble prediction.

For all their hyperbole and intentional misdirection on the arguments around 'reproductive health' and the 'right to control their own bodies', Women are hysterically, utterly, dishonest when it comes to issues of sex and reproduction. Unlike most men, they instinctively realize that it is the person who makes the choice which holds the power over outcomes. And women will do whatever they must to men, up to and including anyhting the Nazi's ever imagined for the jews, to maintain exclusive control of that choice.

It's a will to power issue of course. But it's more than that for them. They recognize that they need to retain their role as the ultimate arbiter over who get's pregnant and when, because it's the only way they can keep both political power, and a promiscuous sex life. that chit in the great debate with men, is the source of all their political clout. without it, they're just small weak, strangely shaped men who can't lift much or get a plate off a stack on the top shelf without help.

But give men the ultimate choice over reproduction, and the dating world will change immensely. Women will have no choice then but to withhold sex (their only other bargaining chip) in exchange for a commitment, and the whole 'slut sex positive' feminist movement will die on the vine. It will take a generation, but it will happen. And hopefully the world can then return to a more rational set of public policies, that better match the long term goals of the western world.

Monday, March 27, 2017

- Why I'm Not Around Much Right Now

Yes, I've been remiss. I haven't been writing, or posting, or doing much of anything here on the blog. Sorry about that. My hands have been full on another project. I'm working on a startup, which has the potential to solve 'fake news'. I bounced it off an investment banker friend of mine, and he flipped over it. So we're both frantically working away to put together a working prototype and business plan for investor consumption.

I've been as close as you can get to a professional consumer of news for a very long time. So it's in my domain - sort of. I'm not ready to discuss the details yet, but I think it can be very (potentially VERY VERY) big. And though it's not ready for presentation yet, the single threaded engine that we'll be using to demonstrate the basics, produced its first output today. I've committed to having it ready by Friday, so I'm on schedule.

I've had a lot of bad ideas in my life, and so far anyway, only one very good one. But everyone I've spoken to about this seems pretty stoked about it. And I have to confess, I am too. After a decade of 'managed failure' I haven't been this excited about anything in a very long time.

Anyway, it's gonna be another couple of weeks before I have any real time to spout opinions again. And it might be even longer if things go well. But in the meantime, I thought I'd explain my absence and beg your indulgence for just a little while, while I do my best to cobble together an economic future for myself, from the wreckage of my post divorce life.

Friday, March 24, 2017

- Fun With Shooting Statistics

I couldn't help myself. In the same way that people always slow down to see a car wreck, I found myself watching the movie "Miss Sloan", a 'chick-porn' gun control-gasm from last year about a lobbyist taking down the dreaded 'gun-lobby'. It was a stupid film, making a stupid point, and I'm glad it did poorly in the box office. In the age of Trump's America, we're sick to death of being preached to by our liberal masters, and I never cared much for the ever dour Jessica Chastain.

But using the logic of the gun control lobby, I thought I'd have a little fun with the numbers they cite in the film.

For instance, in 2015 according to ceasefire USA, a group dedicated to stating the gun numbers at their worst, there were 40,105 deaths and injuries related to guns in America. There were roughly 300 million guns in America in 2015, but that's too generous. Instead let's make the numbers slightly worse by using the number of gun owners, which in 2015 was estimated by Ceasfire at 100 million. Assuming that each gun owner was only responsible for s single shooting that resulted in injury or death, that means that 0.04% of all gun owners were involved in a shooting resulting in death or injury in that year.

You got that? 0.04%. Four one hundredths of a percent. Not a big number, but it adds up in a big country. This is the 'public nightmare of the epidemic of gun violence'. Now let's use that same math in another way.

According the census bureau and the FBI universal crime report, in 2015 there were 151,626 violent crimes where the perpetrator was black. Taken from a population total of 37,685,848, and again assuming that each crime was committed by a single unique person, the violent crime rate among blacks in 2015 was 0.402%.

Again, that's not a big number, but it adds up in a big country. And by coincidence it's also perishingly close to ten times the percentage of gun owners, who could be said to be involved in an injury or death, using the exact same method, by one of the media 'go to' groups on shootings.

Is that clear? Using the identically oversimple method used to talk about the 'horror of gun violence' in America, the black violent crime rate is nearly 10 times worse.

This doesn't teach you anything really. All these numbers are meaningless. In truth, violent crime for any race is almost always a crime committed by young men, who make up no more than 25% of the population, and many are repeat offenders. Only a tiny minority of the black population is ever involved in a violent crime, and elderly blacks and black women are almost never involved except as victims.

By the same token, gun owners are sometimes involved in multiple deaths or injuries, and many of the actual shootings involve other criminality where the gun was not legally purchased or owned. So to simplify the numbers this way doesn't lead to truth, it leads to distortion of the truth.

For reasons that I hope will become clear in a few weeks, this issue has been very much on my mind lately.

So the only real lesson you can take from this is that you should never trust agenda driven 'statistics' - especially from liberals who are notoriously innumerate. But I thought it might be useful to highlight one of the ways we're all consistently lied to by Hollywood and the left.

- No Enemies To The Right

The rise of the Alt-Right and the election of Trump, has ended friendships. But the places it's done the most damage aren't across the left vs right divide. Those gaps were already entrenched on both sides with a no man's land between them. The big new arguments were between the old right, and the new.

I've had it happen to me personally. A National Review writer (who shall remain nameless) who I certainly considered a friend of mine, was so disgusted with my embrace of the alt-right's 'fight back always' position and it's abandonment of civility, that we stopped speaking.

This seemed like high irony a few weeks ago when Charles Murray, an old right/AEI intellectual who had the unmitigated gaul to report facts as he found them instead of twisting reality to suit the liberal narrative, was chased from a University campus by an angry mob of social justice warriors. Suddenly the old right was aghast that handing the left the moral victory without a battle was no longer enough for them, and the alt-right was looking more and more vindicated in it's take.

Well that process has come full circle now, and the source of the most active, vocal criticism of the alt-right's tactics, has been branded by the left as the true source of the Alt-right:

How National Review Helped Build the Alt-Right

The arguments made are not totally fallacious. NR at one point or another, employed our man Derb, Peter Brimelow, and Bob Weisberg, and continues to publish Victor Davis Hanson's notoriously practical and reality-realist take. Slate feels this is enough to 'blame' them for the alt-right, in spite of their denials.

If only NR could have seen this coming. If only they could have imagined that the left might consider tarring them with the same brush they themselves had been using for several years to tar their own right leaning allies. If only they could have imagined that after they came for the Derb, Peter Brimelow and Bob Weissberg, they would also be coming for them.

Ask not for whom the accusation of racism rings false National Review, it rings false for thee.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

-Takeaways from the Gorsuch Hearings

I had gone through several of the Gorsuch highlights on my own, both Dem and Repub. I am convinced that Senator Leahy is either stewed on the hooch or becoming senile
Its very simple to find particulars in youtube. As much as Ted Cruz lobbed softballs at Gorsuch, it was a poignant and educated direct examination of the appointment by someone that knows WTF he's talking about. I've linked the 30 minute video and it is well worth listening. Crowder compiles what the Looney Left is applauding as Highlights. Minnesota  should be ashamed of electing Al Franken to the Senate. He sits on the Judiciary committee yet legal terms are so foreign to this clown that he confused the "Absurdity Exception". A first year law student would have raised more poignant questions about Gorsuch than Al Franken. Franken cherry picked one of Gorsuch's opinions only to be schooled over and over again. What all of these nincompoops in t he Senate seem to be forgetting is that Gorsuch was appointed to the Circuit Court Ten years ago. They are playing "gotcha" with a guy that has Ten years on the federal bench as well as a history as a respected legal scholar. Dick Durbin goes down this path and winds up making Gorsuch look like a hero!
Below, Rush Limbaugh nails it: The Left is trying to smear Jimmy Stewart! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

- Regarding Tomi Lahren

As usual, I don't seem to appreciate what all the fuss is about. Tomi Lahren a young pretty girl, has decided that she can't be anti-government and pro-life at the same time. What do we learn from this? That's she's a pretty young girl with lots of potential breeding options, and she'd like to ride the carousel a while before settling down. That's it. There is no high minded constitutional debate here, in spite of what she or her now former (sometimes idiot) boss Glenn Beck says.

Ms. Lahren knows instinctively, as all young women seem to, that the minute the risk of premarital sex goes up, she's going to have a lot less of it. She doesn't want to be careful about it because that's a cost, and who wants to pay costs if you don't have to? The rest is really just rationalization.

If I were her, 24. blonde, and newly media ascendant, I might feel the same way. There is nothing so hard wired into women as hypergamy, and the desire to wrest full control of the breeding decisions away from men. It's got to be an awfully powerful bit of motivation. And if you were to reincarnate Mother Theresa into the body of a cute little blonde born in 1995, and drop her down into a world where her ego was as continually stroked as an American media darling, she'd probably feel the same way about it. In the same way that you can't stop young men from wanting to screw everything in sight, you can't stop young women in that circumstance from wanting to kill any accidentally conceived child.

Now it's true, not all women feel that way. But I'll bet the vast majority of 24 year old 9's who are rising rapidly in the media world do. The ego saturation is simply too overwhelming. She may end up married to a billionaire on a white horse, with a white private jet, or a handsome prince or whoever. And she's not gonna let a little thing like a pregnancy from the hot guy at the other end of the trailer park put a thing like that at risk.

For women in this situation It's self over others. Always. And that isn't to say I blame her for her choice. I mean, I think it's the wrong choice of course. But it's the question that's the problem (or really, the fact that it was ever asked of her) not her answer to it that's an issue.

As a corollary, imagine what you as a young man would have done to your steady girlfriend, three months after you won a 100 million dollar lottery. At first you'd say "I'll never change" and you'd mean it. But a few months bopping around the south of France or St. Barths with your buddies, spending big money and drawing the attention of all the 9+ women who hover in such places waiting for a guy like you, and you'd start to have doubts. Sooner rather than later (how much sooner correlated to your youth) you'd end up cheating and then dumping little miss faithful for the multitude of newly available options.

This is the same thing Tomi is doing. She's trading in the child of Mr. Trailer park for the possibility of a child with Prince Frederick of Ganserndorf - or whoever. And at least she's being intellectually consistent and honest about it. that's more than we'd get from most women. Many things may change about future America. But whatever happens, the abortion genie is going to be the very last one crammed back into it's bottle. Many women will die before conceding that point, without their ever knowing precisely why.

The real moral to this story is that we should making the minimum voting age 30 or something. Kids have no business making decisions as if they were grownups.

Monday, March 20, 2017

- Some Russian Jokes

A man walks into a Moscow shop and see's the shelves all empty. He says to the man behind the counter, "What's this, are you all out of meat?" The man says, "No, this is the shop that's out of bread. The shop that's out of meat is across the street." A classic. No wait, here's another one.

A man waits all day in line for food and just as he gets to the front of the line, the man behind the counter hangs an 'all out of Bread" sign on the door. the man loses it. He begins jumping up and down screaming and shouting. "This is a travesty. Have you no respect?! I'm a veteran. I shed blood for this country!" Seeing his visible anger, a man in a long trench coat sidles out of the crowd toward the man, looking vaguely like the secret police, and puts an arm gently over his shoulder.

"Comrade" he says, "You mustn't talk so. These days we don't make such a fuss but remember back in the old days what would happen." As he said this, he menacingly put a finger in the shape of a gun to the back of the man's head.

"Yes" said the man obviously frightened. "I understand. It won't happen again." When the man arrived home empty handed his wife asked him, "What's the matter, were they out of bread again?" The man responded, "It's worse than that. Now they're out of bullets."

... Ok one more, then I've gotta go.

A Russian general and an American general were seated beside each other at a diplomatic function. Bragging, the Russian General said to the American General "We Russians have the best supplied army in the world. We give every soldier in the field 1,300 calories per day." The American paused for a minute then said "General, we give American soldiers in the field 2,900 calories a day. "The Russian general paused for a moment and looked at his fingers as if doing math in his head, and then burst out laughing jovially. "Oh General, you're a wonderfully entertaining liar. But no soldier can eat an entire sack of potatoes in one day."

Ok one last Joke about the Russians:

FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at far-right news sites

Try and catch me coppers. Top of the world Ma!

Friday, March 17, 2017

- The Move to #EndStPatricksDay

No, I'm not kidding:

White Pride can't be allowed in 2016 - #endstpatricksday.

For a guy who can trace his family back to Henry II and his "visit" to Ireland in 1172, I'm not such a big booster of St. Patrick's Day. I don't usually wear green or make much of a drunken fuss. I do own a Green Kilt (I own 2 actually, one in Blackwatch Tartan and a 'modern' kilt of Green canvas.) But for the most part I tend not to over indulge in my heritage on a single day, and instead kind of spread it out through the year.

But the idiotic shit listed above makes me want to go throw on my kilt, and saunter over the the Huffington Post offices (a block from me) and slug the first non-white male (ish) person I see.

And as a group, the Irish (certainly Irish Americans) are not the types to shyly look at their shoes and give up without a fight. For the most part we love a fight. The more fight the better. You wanna riot? The Irish will give you a riot. They don't call it "Belfast confetti" because it was invented in Italy.

And what's more, the Irish have never been done any real favors by anyone. In some respects we were the last actual 'minority' that it was OK to discriminate against. Well, one of them at any rate, and these days hating the Irish as 'white' is now considered mandatory. But my point is that if the Irish have anything at all it's because we fought, worked, and risked to get it. So we are none too inclined to apologize to the 'otherness' because they haven't done the same. So by all means you idiot progressives, keep it up. They'll be white riots again in no time if you all have your way.

- When White People Are Finally Put Down

There has been some talk in the usual regions, about how America will look once white people are relegated to the position that progressives would prefer for them - politically irrelevant servant class of the progressive elites.

I don't have much to add that you can't get from reading The Derb or the others on Vdare. But this video is one of Steve Sailer's contributions to the discussion. It's a hysterical look at what happens when black American culture runs headlong (wink) into Latin America culture.

As you can clearly see, the reason for all the ill will and hard feelings is obviously white racism. It's true, there are no white people visibly present. But a white person might possibly own the gas station the woman ran her car into. I know that isn't dispositive, but certainly a lot of white people own stock in the oil company, so ... there you go. White Racism.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

-RFNJ Debate Team: What Protectionism?

I want to keep this open to edit and allow Tom or anyone else to reply directly on the article.

Topic: Protectionism and Populism
Question: Is the United States becoming Protectionist via a return to Populism, or is this a return to lawfulness without curtailing the US's place in global economics?

Lately I have been inundated with macro/global financial commentators that Trump has ushered in a new era in Protectionism. Absurdly noted by the most hysterical commentators, Trump's Protectionism (America First) does not hearken to the days of Smoot-Hawley , but to more notorious dictatorial regimes. One commentator opined that Trump's Protectionism is derived from Populism therefore it was akin to Chavism or Peronista (a la Argentina). We have heard TeeVee  pundits call it Fascism, Hitlerian, Neo-Nazi, ad-nauseaum... I recently read a macro analyst make the outrageous comparison to Mussolini's Italy with the assertion that like Italy in the 30's America too will experience an immediate uptick in GDP. I had to call this "genius" and ask him when he expects the Fascisti to come round up the dissenters and how come Trump hasn't Nationalized industry as did Il Duce?!?!? I also asked him if it was fitting to compare Trump to Mussolini, why not Hitler or Hirohito?

My immediate observation: the macro financial analysts, even the sharp ones, are wrong and only repeating this drivel because the neo-globalists that buy their publications want to be right.
Give the people what they want.
The majority of investment houses lean left or more correctly lean Globalist. They can't afford to be wrong or their investors will scram, but they can't afford to be logical or the SJW's will storm their gates. A business openly endorsing Trump or America First type policies will only open itself up to being painted as RAAAACIST!!!

My Argument: the United States looks back on 15 to 20 years of accelerated globalism which has been fostered by, and continues to foster lawlessness. That lawlessness was exemplified by the Obama Administration refusing to enforce laws that maintained a modicum of "protection" via immigration and border security and even worse, failing to prosecute (and even pardoning) migrant criminals.
As a consumer nation, under Clinton we projected a second-place disposition. We will pay through the nose for Chinese garbage or Saudi oil  because it will show that we are lock-step with the new world agenda. GW Bush continued this with compassionate conservatism and acting as world police. We continued to allow illegal immigrants and phony refugees into our country but also maintained the sanctity of pro-globalist treaties and tariffs.
Trump refers to "the bad deals" like TPP and NAFTA. He waved the sword of protectionism in the form of a Border Tax. Only Congress could initiate a Border Tax, and even with a Republican majority, the chances of that happening are slim to none.
The issue of Trump's Populism is one of amnesia. Obama was a populist president. Obama legislated and appointed judges that would continue his populist objectives.
Trump is harnessing populism but also reminding America that its time to lead again.
I don't see Rex Tillerson (a man that made his fortune from a global energy business) telling other nations we are closing the doors. On the contrary, as observed by some of the commentators in the first 30-days, Trump has handed out more carrots than resorting to the stick with international manufacturers.
Trump's return to Law and Order at home, securing the borders, enforcing immigration and punishing bad hombres is a return to normalcy. International business will probably flourish. Strangely enough
Mexico has performed well since Trump became Pres.

America as the producer will not necessarily detract from  America as the consumer.
In closing I would have to say that we dodged a bullet with Hillary. 28-years since Reagan is enough for me to realize how far down the rabbit hole America has gone. Hillary would have been a sledge-hammer to that final nail in our coffin.

The floor is open to debate

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

- Some Guy Reporting On Trump's Taxes

Ho hum. Some little pansy looking guy from MSNBC has published Trump's taxes. in 2005 he made about 150 million, and paid about 35 million in taxes on it. If you go ahead and assume a 6% unleveraged yield on his assets (which is generous) then his assets are in the territory of 2 to 3 Billion. If you are a bit more cynical about his return (nationally 4% yield on commercial real estate is probably closer to the mark), then his assets are actually higher. I don't think it's out of line though to expect someone with Trump's pricing power and promotional skills to do better than an unlevered 4%.

There really isn't much of a story here at all. Trump did nothing wrong, the media lied about him doing nothing wrong, and the fact that we're all calling them out on their lies means that we the public, who are supposed to just shut up and think what we're told to think by our betters, are all bunch of idiots as well.

It kind of makes me wonder what the press thinks is going to happen. they are hanging on white knuckled, to their invented vision of America. And with every tick of the clock it's more and more exposed as nothing but a web of lies. So what do they imagine? If they just hang on long enough things are bound to get better? PEople are bound to start believing them again if they simply never admit that anything was an obvious lie?

I can't think of a time in history when a group of people more utterly dependent upon their personal credibility, was more haphazard in throwing it away. Surely one of them, somewhere, must be interested in preserving their reputation as somehting close to objective.

- Schadenfreude: The Trump Tax Return Bombshell Backfires!

Drudge Headlines:

The only appropriate response to Rachel Maddow's Flop:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

-The Rise of the Super-Villain Part 2

Above video puts it in a nutshell: Nerd puts college directory online and becomes billionaire.
As I said before in the original "Rise of the Super-Villain", Zuck is power-hungry. Like all other fabled super-villains, they need to be jilted by those they seek approval from. Zuck is hiring former presidential campaign advisers like David Plouffe and he has embarked on a tour to listen to the little people. Zuck could never become president because he is not likable even by the people  that agree with him. He may not run for POTUS, but I anticipate him getting "jilted" by the masses for his intentions. He will most likely become a Soros-type character influencing local and international elections. Seriously, keep this creep on your radar.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

- Not A Religion, A Cult

Andrew Sullivan has suddenly become aware that something might possibly maybe be going on, on American University campuses:

And what I saw on the video struck me most as a form of religious ritual — a secular exorcism, if you will — that reaches a frenzied, disturbing catharsis. When Murray starts to speak, the students stand and ritually turn their backs on him in silence. The heretic must not be looked at, let alone engaged. Then they recite a common liturgy in unison from sheets of paper. Here’s how they begin: “This is not respectful discourse, or a debate about free speech. These are not ideas that can be fairly debated, it is not ‘representative’ of the other side to give a platform to such dangerous ideologies. There is not a potential for an equal exchange of ideas.” They never specify which of Murray’s ideas they are referring to. Nor do they explain why a lecture on a recent book about social inequality cannot be a “respectful discourse.” The speaker is open to questions and there is a faculty member onstage to engage him afterward. She came prepared with tough questions forwarded from specialists in the field. And yet: “We … cannot engage fully with Charles Murray, while he is known for readily quoting himself. Because of that, we see this talk as hate speech.” They know this before a single word of the speech has been spoken.

I should give the guy credit. He's a liberal who is at least a little prepared to resist being sucked into the vortex of political correctness.

And that's the thing about the latest college religion craze. These kids don't think they have joined a religion. They think it's simply the revealed truth. It required no cognitive energy on their part to 'join this church', on the contrary, it required fewer mental calories. All they had to do was surrender their wills to the euphoria of the moment, when feelings of their being good and right, swept over them.

It's not a religion, it's a cult. And these poor kids are being put in a position that when reality intrudes back on their world, they will be totally unable to handle it. We've seen the videos of them, shrieking into the air at some imagined great harm that's befalling them. Saying "I just can't" has become de rigeur for them. It's very easy to imagine some irrevocable truth finding it's way into their experience, and seeing them leap off the student center roof en masse, rather than accept that they are the ones who are the real monsters.

Friday, March 10, 2017

- Jeff Sessions Request 46 Resignations

I'm very busy today. I have an extremely exciting new project that's going to take up a ton of time. Lucky for me our man in the south Ikaika is filling some of the gap. I'll be around. It's a good thing not a bad one (like the last bunch of business that caused an extended gap in my posting) But it's time eater none the less.

With all that said, Jeff Sessions' actions today required at least a short post. He has requested the resignation of all 46 remaining US attorneys appointed by the Obama administration. This is the best news I've heard since... well since the election. And it proves to me that Jeff Sessions is precisely what we all hoped he was.

Loyalty. Loyalty and Honor. That's what we need in the US, both in the public sector and the private. I've been pretty poor at networking because I always placed a high value on both of those, and ... let's be frank... I worked on Wall street where neither were in great supply. But it thrills me to see the AG doing what everyone can tell needs to be done.

I'm not sure the AG will appreciate the manner in which I mean this bit of 'white boy' music from ACDC. But I promise it's offered with reverence and nothing but respect. God bless you sir.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

- The Turning Point of Civilization

Charles Martel "Battle of Tours"

Two works I have revisited in the last year are Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and Henri Perrine's Mohammad and Charlemagne.

Gibbon examined the many facets of degradation and expansion that lead to the fall. The cinematic "collapse of Rome" is usually a representation of Barbarian hordes storming the city and setting Rome ablaze. Oddly, the erroneous belief that Rome was sacked in succession by tribe after tribe of barbarians persists. Perrine puts a more granular examination on the table. Uncontrollable immigration, waning border security and a collapsing welfare state were of major concern...

Western, Rome expanded into Germania but could not sustain the fortifications and influence beyond the Danube and the Dnieper.
You could draw a parallel to the Bush nation building in the Middle East and the Carter admins'  Latin American interventionist years. The Folly of LBJ in southeast Asia should have been enough of a deterrent for future presidents...

Applying Perrine and Gibbon to America: we have Goths coming in from our southern borders as "socio-economico-political refugees" as well as designated "war-refugees" streaming in from the middle east by fiat from Obama.
According to Perrine, it was the Huns that terrorized the western barbarians and caused them to stream through the porous Roman borders. Approximately 40,000 Goths of which 8,000 were of warrior class "immigrated" into the western Empire. Seems much like the "Syrian" refugees. Although these refugees are not entirely Syrian but like the Goths before them, they are supposedly fleeing the Huns of ISIS.
The Goths had their own rulers and were bored with the prospect of merely being Roman subjects and mercenaries. As more barbarian refugees poured in, the influence of the Goths began to overtake the waning influence of Rome. Unlike our Latin and Middle Eastern refugees, the Goths decided to learn latin and assimilate some of the Roman traits. Also Rome was offering protection and whatever "welfare" they could offer the immigrants in hopes that the ruling classes could employ some mercs for their own protection.
Today we see a collapsing European empire whose major cities are being sacked by the newcomers they eagerly embraced. Europe redrafted their borders to be non-existent.
Like the Goths, the Middle East and North African refugees have their own leaders and have no desire to assimilate. Their leaders are protected by anti-bigotry laws in Europe and America. Mosques are not centers of spirituality or theology, but moreover staging points for a takeover.

The finality of Rome was marked by the rise of Franks in the West and Islam in the East. Eventually these opposing forces would meet... The Finality of 21st Century Europe is playing out before our eyes. Trump can't save them nor will Viktor Orban or any other leader in the wings.

A similar situation was about to unfold in the USA had Trump not been elected. We too have become border-less and lawless.
In Miami, my friends and neighbors are from South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Western Europe etc...
The "latinos" all say the same thing: Latin Americans bring what they were taught in their country of origin to America, and that includes lawlessness. At a town meeting, a woman from Colombia was upset that people were speeding on her block as she has two small children. In her appeal to the town council she prefaced: "We are from countries where we do not obey laws." Afterwards she begged the cops to exact harsh penalties on her kinsman for being scofflaws. We are not shocked and writing tickets will not stop behavior that has been taught over several generations.
Multiply that mentality by the millions and compound the effects over generations.
It is why within our lifetime, the US will see the election  of a Hugo Chavez type president. The left will applaud this person's rise and will fawn at his strength. The media will take pride in noting what bravery it was for the President to strike out the Bill of Rights and imprison opponents. Its gonna happen only because we have a basal and flourishing community of people from countries where strongman despotism is normal and expected.
As for Europe: It won't be Charles Martel or Jan Sobieski this time around. I believe Europe will be lost and will become Islamic within a generation or two. The USA has a chance to remain the last bastion of Western Civilization, but for the non-Muslim Europeans escaping the invading hordes.
On a positive note: I anticipate Afrikaners and other anglo-africans expatriating to the US in large numbers over the next few years, they will be looking to populate the South West and the Plains as offering the most land and freedom.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

- My ZMan Disagreement

I wonder what Jonah Goldberg’s reaction would be if he went to speak at Middlebury College, and ended up being chased from the venue by a violent mob, while they screamed that he’s an anti-Semite, and tried to physically assault him. I wonder what Rich Lowry would feel about the Alt-right after being decried as a white supremacist and being the target of a scenario like that. without an active forceful rebuttal of the left's moral agenda, it's going to happen. so I guess we'll all find out eventually.

I’m gonna come clean here. I spent a good chunk of my career as a prima donna. For my own personal reasons, I was fanatically interested in the objective truth. And I wasn’t concerned with anyone else’s opinion on how to derive it. When I was at Moore Capital, I had a series of legendary shouting matches with a senior guy in the IT department - all in the middle of the Trading floor. The whole place would go quiet while they watched us rage at each other.

He wasn’t a bad guy, and he wasn’t a stupid guy. They would have never let him anywhere near Moore if he were. He and I just had different ideas about how to accomplish things, and I was more comfortable with fighting than I was with compromising with him. Back then I’d have pissed in anyone’s cheerios if I thought I was right. And I was really just lucky that the guy who took exception to me didn’t have much in the way of power, and that the big guys all though it was fun to watch out battles.

These days though, I'm more circumspect and my view is more tempered. I now realize that there are opposing interests in all things, and it’s usually better to make a deal with someone who disagrees with you than to duke it out to the death. It’s the smart way to go. It lets you win today, and makes a win more likely tomorrow. Work it out. Make a deal. Settle for half a pie, in almost all circumstances. Don’t die on every hill. That’s my motto these days.

The Zman seems to think this is a bad strategy. I’m not so sure about that. The old right (the cuckservatives as many will call them) aren’t going to disappear. They represent a massive interest group that will continue to have broad influence no matter how persuasive the alt-right becomes. Guys like Charles Murray, Jonah Goldberg, and Kevin Williamson will always be smart, literate, and persuasive. On an individual policy basis we should look at them as allies not enemies.

And we should be struggling to change their minds and get them to agree with us to the degree we can, not to send them to the wilderness. We should reserve that for our enemies.

How hard do you think it I today to convince Charles Murray, that Diversity is a poor idea? How easy would it be to persuade him that the Black Lives Matter movement is an illegitimate ‘will to power’ group that don’t care at all about objective facts? How difficult would it be to get to him to publicly call Feminism a pariah whose positions actually contradict the interests of women? The same will be true eventually for all the NeverTrumpers. And that makes them our allies not our enemies.

Ok, maybe we can’t ever rely on them. Maybe that come to Jesus “Red Pill” moment is beyond them. I don’t think so. But that does not make them worse than the left for the alt-right cause. They might not see the truth themselves yet, but I believe they're trying. And as their 'peace through surrender' strategy is revealed to them by being mugged by the left's reality, I think that's likely to change.


They are still going on about the Charles Murray think over at NRO. This was an important thing to them - meaningfully different than when it happened to Derb, Taylor, Brimelow, and most recently Vdare as a whole with their conference.

After all those years of being in the same moral bed with the academic left, they've come home and found her in the sack with two or three Antifa marxists, and they're making her "water tight" as the kids say. And the NRO boys are all aghast that the academy could be so unfaithful to them. This makes me sympathetic to Zman's view, at the very least.

But I would argue that this is the very time to talk to them about the red pill. Get it in front of them. Have Colonel Schlichter write something on it that they'll actually read without the usual "oh he's one of those" dismissal. These are real, and sound ideas representing a valid historical viewpoint and a relevant and self contained philosophy. This is the time for converts, not for expulsions.

- Why I Don't Obama-Care

Mark Steyn frequently quoted the truism, that once Federally provided healthcare becomes encoded into law, it's place as an entitlement will be permanent. This is the main reason I can't manage any enthusiasm to examine the Obamacare replacement offered up by congress, except at the absolute highest levels.

Is it "better" than Obamacare? It probably isn't better for the thousands of Federal employees and the SEIU, who are probably looking at the demise of thousands of federal jobs; each one wrapped in the opaqueness of Obama's behemoth law. But for the rest of us, you don't even have to read it to know it's an improvement, you only have to weigh it. It's roughly 60 pages, and you simply cannot get the same degree of micro-managed idiocy into a 60 page law, that you can in a law whose length ran to 20,000 pages.

In as much as this indicates a differing perspective on how to govern, that's probably a good thing. We'll hear all the usual hyperbole of course, from both the left and right. No effort of the government to 'control' the distribution of a scarce resource like 'healthcare services' is ever going to be perfect. and I'm sure we're all about to hear all the myriad of ways that this new effort fails as well.

And whatever it does or doesn't command the rest of us to do, it's still going to be massively expensive. We are remarkably illiterate when it comes to the law of supply and demand, and as a culture we still imagine that things can be made 'free' by the government. Since this will neither increase the supply of nurses, doctors, drugs, and devices in anything but the longest term (by failing to drive them into other fields), and will exclude basically no one from access to 'free healthcare', that unshakable rule still apply. Supply stays static, demand rises, so too must cost.

But if it gives even one tiny choice to consumers, then in my view it is a 'better' bill and will over time, lead to a more satisfactory result. The problem there though is the bar for that metric is very, very low. and it can still be a really awful law while being twice as effective as Obamacare. Better is easy, good is hard.

And none of this will stop the NYTimes and WaPo from running heart tugging stories and 'human interest' profiles, of any sympathetic creature they can find who has been in some small way negatively affected by the new law. Lucky for us we've all become pretty hardened to that, and no one cares much what they say anymore.

So I don't care much about deep diving the new law's details. It's politics not healthcare. It's interest groups competing, not doctors, hospitals and Insurance companies. I'll only add this one thing.

Lasics surgery isn't covered by insurance, and is therefore mostly deregulated. And in the past few years it's price has consistently fallen and the quality of it has consistently improved. So too with veterinary care. It's better, and cheaper, because it is mostly unregulated. That's what the market does. It squeezes margins, adds efficiencies, and lowers costs. That's the right way to put the best incentives in place for the rest of the medical industry as well, if we would just have the courage to do it. There's the whole debate in a nutshell. But courage isn't somehting Americans are known for these days.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

-The WÜRM Turns: A folk hero is born

After reading about Charles Murray and liberal counterpart professor being assaulted by SJWs, many on the right (or to the right of Pol Pot) are starting to push back and even fight back.
Continue to poke the elephant in the eye, eventually the elephant will crush you.
SJWs believe they are fighting oppression and have spawned a bizarre creature called AntiFa. That outfit seems to be helmed entirely by militant lesbians and delicate boys (at least that is what you see in the front lines of their displays). Is it a surprise that the masked assailant that got clobbered was a woman? Did you notice that the "men" that participate in the antifa cos-play  will usually run from the melee? After first hand witnessing what ANSWER had perpetrated during the infamous Gulf War Protests, they re-emerge as AntiFa in a feeble attempt to garner some strange sympathy for their wrong-headed cause. We've called it, Sargon of Akaad called it, and many more... AntiFa is nothing more than fascism.
As soon as the first reports of people fighting back hit social media, the cry-bullies claimed that the people they assaulted had no right to defend themselves and the people around them.
After sifting through twitter the other day I came across this hashtag: #basedstickman.
Short story: the Stickman was sick and tired of Trump supporters getting bloodied and beaten, maced, and tazed. The Berkeley cops were ordered to stand down and let AntiFa assault Trump supporters.
Stickman and other guys decided to offer defensive support during the recent prop Trump rally.
Naturally, like moths to a candle, the SJWs and AntiFa Fascists decided that people holding signs that said "House the Homeless" and "Free Speech" were suitable targets. They closed in and decided to attack. Pepper spraying and hitting elderly people with eggs and even a stun gun. Stickman is shown in the video above breaking heads with the remains of his flagpole. Stickman was arrested and charged with 6-counts of assault. A crowdfunding site raised over $50,000 for his defense, A meme war has been launched, and the Fascist Left has awoken a sleeping giant.

Monday, March 6, 2017

- Equalism Is Finally Dead

I've gotten to really enjoy the Ace Of Spades HQ. And this is a great example why:

Just in case people don't get this: I'm not being rhetorical when I say that a large fraction of the country, on both the left and the nevertrumper/GOPe side of things, has gone insane.

The world feels like a Twilight Zone episode to them -- the world they went to sleep in on November 8, 2016 was not the same world they woke up to the next day. Parts of it looked the same, but nothing looked quite the same.

The feeling they have is the horrific, creepy feeling of the uncanny -- a feeling that things look normal and familiar from most angles, but you can't shake the sense that there's something off or alien about them. A classic trope of the uncanny is the automaton or doll which appears human, or, even worse, the human who appears to be a doll. (Content warning on that -- very creepy.)

They feel that they are in a nightmare. If you've ever described a nightmare (or just a dream) to someone, you know it's full of stuff like "And you were there, but you weren't you, and I was at work, but it was also high school..." It's weird precisely because familiar stuff appears unfamiliar, and what we usually experience as solid, steady, unchanging terrain -- like our workplace --is now a shapeshifting landscape.

They were wholly unprepared for the reality of Trump -- they never even prepared themselves psychologically for such an outcome, because it was inconceivable and absurd, and only Dumb People thought stuff like "Trump could win," and as they're fond of telling you, they are definitely not the Dumb People.

The whole thing is a must read.

I used to be really confused by people who believed things which were obviously (which is to say observably) untrue. Why would they do that to themselves, I'd think. Don't they see that this is likely to lead to them making errors which could not only have serious consequences for them but for the rest of us as well?

Now though I believe I've come to understand it. They are the incompetent buffoons who think that all they have to do to be in charge is order a bunch of people around. Consequences? Consequences are for the little people. If they're wrong, they'll just blame someone else and change things afterward. they're egos are too fragile to allow them to admit to themselves that they were wrong. That's why Mika was close to tears today. Because she's afraid that she might have no choice but to admit her worldview - the core assumptions that drive all her decision making - is unambiguously wrong.

This is who Ace is talking about in his piece. They aren't inspirational, aspirational leaders. They are the also rans who couldn't get by in the private sector. They are know nothings who have claimed to know everything.

Everyone makes mistakes. 100% of humans. But my method for managing error is to doubt everything that I don't see absolutely concrete evidence for. And my reasoning is that the only time I've ever seen someone make a life altering totally cataclysmic mistake, it was because they were certain about something, which turned out to be incorrect. Market's crash that way. Civilizations end that way.

And the dynastic progressive worldview is ending that way right now, as we all sit here and watch it.

Equalism is finally dead.

- On A Personal Note

It's been a little over a year since the untimely death of my oldest friend from a highly aggressive form of lymphoma. He was as close as a brother to me, and was a kind hearted man who always had a warm smile for everyone, even people he didn't care for. He wasn't duplicitous, quite the contrary. He just preferred to separate the acts of the man, from the man themselves. He wasn't very religious but the "hate the sin not the sinner" concept had been fully internalized by him.

This is very likely why he was able to put up with me so well, for so long.

His birthday would have been next week. And this time of year I find I think of him a lot. Some of you who know me may recall a story I tell sometimes about an afternoon that he and I spent fishing on the Myakka river in Florida.

The river is tidal near the mouth, and on this day the incoming tide was pushing us slowly upstream around the bends and curves in the river, even though the small outboard at his end of the boat was silent.

We rounded a slow bend, and there, sitting on a sandbar that jutted into the river slightly, was the largest gator either of us had ever seen. I couldn't tell you it's exact length but it was enormous. Easily within spitting distance of a world record. It could have easily swallowed his largish golden retriever whole. When a gator gets that big it doesn't move for anyone, or anything if it doesn't want to, and it didn't. It sat there motionless about 70 feet away, watching us slowly approach.

I was sitting close to the nose of the boat, the closest point to the gator, and when we got about 50 feet from the prehistoric looking creature, I started to get nervous. Had we done nothing I would have probably passed within 10 feet of the gator's nose. "Um Skeet?" I said "You think maybe we can do something about this?" pointing at the silent outboard. "Yeah, that might help huh?" He said. What I didn't know was that he had discreetly turned the choke on the motor all the way on, so while he yanked at the cord all it did was gurgle and grumble. The tide kept pushing us closer. When we got within 40 feet of the monster, I began to abandon my position in the front of the boat, moving toward him in a slurry of fishing line, and awkwardly waving arms.

"Dude... this could get really serious here in a second!" I said. And when we were no more than about 30 feet from the sandar, and it became perfectly clear to me that this thing was longer than the small boat we were sitting in, he flashed me that big smile, flipped the choke, and with his next pull the motor coughed to life, stopping our progress and pulling us away toward the opposing bank.

"Very F***ing funny." I said as he chuckled. "Hey" he said "I was just as nervous as you were but I figured I could get away while he was eating you." We both laughed, at the ridiculousness of it. We both knew he'd sooner leap into the things mouth to distract it than let it have me. But he'd have to shove me out of the way to do it because I'd have been trying to do the same for him.

"That's a big goddamned gator." I said. "Yeah" he said "very big."

Anyway, just a slightly dull fishing story. Not unlike the stories men have told for millennia. A quiet sunny afternoon, a good friend, and a big gator.

This story from the sun reminded me of it, and is the reason you're all putting up with it now.

This photo was also taken on that very same Myakka river, not far from where my story took place.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

- The Fake Hate Crimes List

So much is fake lately it's hard to keep track. But is giving it a shot.

At the time of this writing, the list is just a hair under 300.

- Helping The Left "Get Over It"

I’m coming around on the idea that we just have to allow the left to get it out of their system. No one can go on being this detached from reality forever, and their rage and hatred has got to burn off eventually. So toward that end, I’d like to recommend a little performance art for America’s urban centers.

We should build an army of straw men – actual men of straw. On one arm we should affix an American Flag armband, and on the other, a Nazi Swastika. We should get a dozen or so for each of the hard left urban centers and on a given night, coordinated by Facebook, we should distribute them in key public locations along with a largish sign that reads “Vent Your Hatred”.

Making them 30% to 50% human scale will reduce their general threatening stature, emboldening the liberals, and saving on manufacturing costs. You could also think about adding police badges, army medals or any other symbol of authority to the statement to fulfill the anti-authority message.

Tie them to trees at Berkeley and in Washington Square Park. Set up a few on the tiny "free speech" zones on college campuses in Washington, Chicago, and Seattle. The sign will make it clear to the simple minded left that it’s an Anti-Nazi, message, and the irony of them being actual straw men will be missed like it always is.

If the builders hang around with cell phone cameras at the ready, I’m sure some excellent video will com from it. It might even be possible (which is to say safe) to hang around and verbally declare it an Anti-Nazi statement for anyone who is confused. Temporarily dyed blue hair would probably help preserve both the image of it being a leftist statement and the safety of the presenters, but I leave it to you to choose your own specific virtue signal.

In this setting, the leftists might even want to be recorded screaming, throwing stones, or otherwise venting their anger. And openly declaring it an “Anti-Nazi” statement might keep the leftists is question from setting fire to the straw men and ruining the joke. It will probably happen eventually, and can itself be recorded, but in the meantime, much hilarity will likely ensue.

Several worthwhile outputs will come from this. First we’d have the video of hundreds, maybe thousands of leftists physically ‘attacking a straw man’. We’d also get some psychotic screeds like the one that came from triggly-proff recorded for Youtube. You might even be able to get someone to pepper spray it. We’d also provide a few leftists physical access to express their rage at the fictitious opponent without anyone else getting hurt.

If I didn’t live in a 1 bedroom Manhattan apartment, 40 miles from the nearest hay bale, this is how I’d be spending my morning today. And the guy that follows my suggestion is sure to jack the hell out of his blog and Youtube channel view count. And since that seems to be what the world orbits around these days, I see no reason why it can’t be put to use to serve a good, peaceful cause.

And if you're worried that this blog post will ruin the surprise, don't be. I have no facebook account or twitter feed, so there would be no way for the left to hear about it.

- A New Universe Every Day

Every morning when I wake up, I feel like I arise in an entirely new Universe. In this one, the hardest hitting journalist in the country is Sean Hannity, and Donald Trump is the President.

Don't get me wrong, I like Hannity. He's an Irish hyphen from a blue collar background and though I've never met him, I have to believe he and I would both feel some tribal affinity. But as far as his 'journalism' goes, he has always been an unapologetically partisan generator of opinion, not news. And to quote my brother's excellent description of his daily output, he's always seemed "a mile wide and inch deep'.

But in today's new universe, he is a hard hitting and objective journalist asking the objective questions the rest of the media refuses to ask. And that media are a bunch of lazy, spineless, hopelessly partisan shills for the Democrat party, who would rather watch the greatest nation in human history burn to the ground than admit they were wrong.

At least that latter part is the same as yesterday. I guess I can cling to that to get my bearings, since I can't imagine a universe in which that changes as well.

- This Sounds Down Right Complicit

The New York Times headline on Trump Towergate, sound so far off the mark, that it reminds me of a kid getting caught in the cookie jar: Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones

I wonder how much 'evidence' they expected to see in 127 characters or less.

It isn't even that they're lying, they lie to us every day. This is so bad it quite literally sounds like they may be complicit in something. And just imagine what the headline would have been if the situation had been reversed. I know that's a cliche, but jeez. The problem here is really that Trump didn't have enough evidence in his tweet?

Meanwhile the grownups have been discussing things, and it looks like there might be several quite serious crimes involved in this whole mess. And guess who could very well end up on the hook for it:

Can a President be charged with a crime? Only once out of office. While in office, impeachment remains the exclusive remedy in order to avoid a single judicial branch trying to overturn an election, such as a grand jury in any part of the country could. Once out of office, a President remains immune from civil liability for his duties while President, under a 1982 decision of the United States Supreme Court. However, as the Nixon pardon attests, nothing forecloses a criminal prosecution of the President after his presidency is complete for crimes against the country. Obama, the Constitutional lawyer, should know that.

What crimes could have been committed? Ironically, for Democrats falsely accusing Attorney General Sessions, perjury and conspiracy to commit perjury, as well as intentional violations of FISA. Rather shockingly, no law currently forbids misusing the power of the presidency to spy on one’s adversaries. What the law does forbid is lying to any judicial officer to obtain any means of surveillance. What the law does forbid, under criminal penalty, is the misuse of FISA. Both derive from the protections of the Fourth Amendment itself. Under section 1809, FISA makes it a crime for anyone to either “engage in” electronic surveillance under “color of law” under FISA without following the law’s restrictions, or “disclose” or “use” information gathered from it in contravention of the statute’s sharp constrictions.

Suddenly the scenario I was talking about just the other day seems a little less unlikely. I don't imagine team Trump would lay back on this crap. If it is ever tied to him (an admittedly monstrous if) then it's very easy for me to imagine them charging him. There won't be a perp walk with the handcuffs and everything. But how ironic would it be if after all the alt-rights mainstream muzzling about "The Color of Crime" and racial differences in criminal behavior, our first black President ended up being our first former President convicted of a crime.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

- Trump TowerGate

I know we get a new "gate" every couple of days, but at least with this one we're talking about people illegal bugging a building to screw with an election, so it does bear some resemblance to the original.

So it looks to me like the “facts” here are as follows. Team Obama had the FBI/NSA bug Trump Tower, in an attempt to connect him to some nefarious actions by the Russians. It still looks to me like it’s come up empty, but I’m having trouble sorting through all this because of the current state of the ‘news’ media. It’s all being spun so hard that you can’t get it to hold still long enough to see what’s really going on. But the following quote is from a story published by Louise Mensch on HeatStreet in on November 7th, 2016, that seems to relate the actual details:

Two separate sources with links to the counter-intelligence community have confirmed to Heat Street that the FBI sought, and was granted, a FISA court warrant in October, giving counter-intelligence permission to examine the activities of ‘U.S. persons’ in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia.

Contrary to earlier reporting in the New York Times, which cited FBI sources as saying that the agency did not believe that the private server in Donald Trump’s Trump Tower which was connected to a Russian bank had any nefarious purpose, the FBI’s counter-intelligence arm, sources say, re-drew an earlier FISA court request around possible financial and banking offenses related to the server. The first request, which, sources say, named Trump, was denied back in June, but the second was drawn more narrowly and was granted in October after evidence was presented of a server, possibly related to the Trump campaign, and its alleged links to two banks; SVB Bank and Russia’s Alfa Bank. While the Times story speaks of metadata, sources suggest that a FISA warrant was granted to look at the full content of emails and other related documents that may concern US persons.

The FBI agents who talked to the New York Times, and rubbished the ground-breaking stories of Slate ( Franklin Foer) and Mother Jones (David Corn) may not have known about the FISA warrant, sources say, because the counter-intelligence and criminal sides of the FBI often work independently of each other employing the principle of ‘compartmentalization’.

One arguably dubious request for a FISA warrant denied, and then another which seems to be equally dubious, more narrowly written and approved.

This is the problem with having one of your two political parties completely losing their minds. It’s reads like a “Democrats only” conspiracy theory. They “feel” it’s true, therefore to them it is true, and no lack of evidence will convince them of anything except that they haven’t looked hard enough to find the evidence they want.

The story itself is aggravated for us, their theoretical bosses (they are all “public servants”, though the scare quotes were never better suited to the task) by the fact the people who are supposed to be finding and delivering the facts to us, are hopelessly shamelessly in the pocket of the aforementioned lunatics. They aren’t just carrying their water, they’re folding their laundry, shining their shoes, and bringing the car around for a nice afternoon drive through the country.

And since their aforementioned Democrat masters have completely lost their minds, the whole endeavor is engaged in a desperate night time search, in a dark room, for a black cat, that isn’t there. But they “know” it must be there someplace, so round and round and round we all go.

I don’t know if the Obama administration has broken the law in this process. It doesn’t sound like it at first glance. But they have at least bent it to its limit. And we do know for certain, that the leaks to the press were engineered to be possible by the Obama administration by making the information available to 500 people instead of just the 5 that would have had access, allowing the leakers to hide in the crowd. That process itself was legal, but if it was done with the intent of allowing this kind of leak and not some legitimate purpose of government, then it qualifies as conspiracy, and someone is going to jail.

And with any luck they'll have company. The leaks themselves were unambiguously illegal. This is one of the facts we unequivocally know. The press cannot have this material, and at least one American’s constitutional rights have been violated, probably more than one. That this was engineered at some level by the Obama administration seems convincing to me, but it is not a ‘fact’ yet’.

- Not A Divorce, An (Alt) Republican Merger

For those of you who still read Jonah Goldberg, (it’s ok really… never lie when you don’t have to) you might have noticed that in spite of being one of the more prominent NeverTrump’ers, he’s still making a slow gradual roll toward being “ok” with some Trumpy things. He’d probably resent my saying so and deny it in public, but I can see it myself. The ideas are growing on him in dribs and drabs, not from the philosophy up, but from the practical application down.

Personally, this thrills me. Jonah is smart, clever, and can be devastating in his critiques, particularly when he see’s that truth is on his side. He’ll make a great ally in the policy fight to make America into a more stable, successful, and fair nation state. He’ll never be on the same page with someone like Vox, and certainly not with Richard Spencer, whose public image I think is now firmly beyond mainstream redemption. But he’ll make a great ally to whoever steps up and claims the mantle of “Political Leader” to the intellectual leadership of Jared Taylor and the Alt-Right’s own version of the beetles, John, Peter, Gavin (and Ringo?).

I say ally, because I think that’s honestly all we can ever hope for from him. An ally is someone with whom you’re various interests at least temporarily align. And while those interests are aligned, to the degree they’re capable; they will fight as reliably as family. But when the alignment of interests comes to an end, so too does your ally’s reliability.

Right now, Jonah is learning about the new political landscape, as we all should be. He’s seeing where things are and how they’re likely to change. But he’s also learning about where things were. The election showed him that things political weren’t where he thought, and now, looking back with fresh eyes, he’s realizing that maybe his master prayed to a different god than he thought they did.

And the conclusion that he slowly seems to be coming to is that maybe the alt-right isn’t what his tribal paranoia said it was. Maybe they aren’t really “after the jews” the way his twitter feed made him think they were. Maybe the Klan doesn’t really have as much of a hold on the hearts and minds of the Alt-Right, and Pepe really was nasty joke designed to shock, just like we always said it was.

And now, with those fresh eyes, he’s seeing that the boogie man under the bed may not actually be a guy named Adolf with an ugly mustache and a can of Zyklon B. Maybe it’s just a guy names Joe from Iowa City, who doesn’t want anything that seems so fully unpalatable to Jonah in practice, even if his animating reasons for it may sound less agreeable to him. And Jonah seems to be deciding that he can live with much of that.

Jonah’s mental journey should be instructive to us. Rather than embracing the Alt-right from the philosophy up to the practical, he’s embracing it from the practical down, and that’s changing his philosophy in small ways. Maybe that will never be enough to make him an advocate. Though that would be helpful, we don’t need him to be an advocate. An ally in achieving policy goals will be more than good enough, and that’s not only what I would expect from him, I think it’s what we should expect from the bulk of the psychologically accessible center of American politics.

There is a lesson here for us. But since I’m awful at politics and Finance is my thing, let me use a financial analogy. Lets talk about a merger, between the Alt-Right and the big R Republicans.

The way a merger works is that one party brings something essential, and the other brings something appealing. The essential part is almost always access to Cash. The appealing part is a whole bunch of things. Maybe it’s distribution channels or maybe it’s market access. Maybe it’s a supply chain or a particular kind of expertise that didn’t work well on it’s own but would serve the acquiring company better than it did it’s current owner. But one thing it often brings to the party that the acquiring company almost always wants is a great, big, easily recognizable or prestigiously storied name.

For a party that’s just been handed an historic victory against their nominal opponents, the Republican party relationship to Republican voters is a shipwreck. They must change or die, and unlike the Democrats who are in the same position, I have to believe they know this. They are unable or unwilling to market to their voters in a way that makes any sense. The Democrats cut the ground out from under their feet by arguing culture instead of politics and Alinsky-ing the Republicans to death. Now they’re huddled in their boardroom watching the ticker, and wondering why the rising electoral stock price isn’t affecting the philosophical bottom line.

They feel as weak and helpless as they did when the Democrats were in charge, and believe me, they very much are. Only now, instead of curled into the fetal position at the sight of the Democrats praetorian press, they are forced to stand and smile while they wonder what exactly Steve Bannon and Team Trump are up to in the longer term and the short. They are very much ripe for a takeover.

What the Alt-Right brings to the table of this merger are a few things. To overwork my analogy a little, the “cash equivalent” is a coherent, marketable, and deeply animating philosophy that when necessary, can be turned on the Democrats in Alinskyite ways that “standing in the doorway of history yelling stop” never could.

It brings a vigor and an enthusiasm from a highly animated base. It’s brings an army of technically competent and brutally unapologetic trolls, goons, and tough guys, who don’t need the police to quell a riot, all they need is a is a clear line of sight. And it brings substantial list of messengers, each with their own tiny but exceedingly well used soapbox, who are willing to make the case for everything.

It’s a sound merger. It will work. And what’s even better is that right now, our deal team is already sitting down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. First team Trump wooed the shareholders. Then, they persuaded a meaningful piece of the infrastructure in the form of CPAC. On the whole, the deal is running apace. If the house-cleaning in middle management seems to be going too slowly for you, don’t worry. It’s coming. Measure twice, cut once is the old carpenters adage, and applies well here.

Here’s the thing though. We need to be prepared for the deal. We the shareholders will need to approve it. And to do that, we the alt-right need to think carefully about what we want and reflect on what we must have. The process must be seized. The way we make future decisions in the party. That must be fully Alt-Right and is non-negotiable. But beyond that, turning the Republican party into an incrementalist machine like the Communists did to the Democrats in the 60’s, must be what we strive for.

Having that, we can then take small steps toward the goal, always small enough for our allies to swallow, and never so big that they choke. We never surrender the end point, but in the meantime we deny it, we hide it, and though we’ll never do so as well or as completely as the left who are naturals, we cloak it behind rhetoric, just like the Democrats always have. But we never, ever, forget it. The only question we should ever ask day on day, is if the decision today brings us closer or further from the goals of tomorrow.

And for our patience and perseverance, we will get everything we must have, a great deal of what we want, and the means to get much more. For our willingness to sign off on a deal that very much does not give us everything that someone like Richard Spencer might want, we will acquire a machine to deliver all that is peacefully available to us. And we’ll get something else too. We’ll get the storied name over the door. We’ll get the banner, and the flag, and all that comes with it. We’ll get to call ourselves something that a majority of Americans don’t find as unpalatable as “Hail Trump” and that has enormous persuasive machinery.

The other option is violence. And if you think that’s a better way, you’re wrong. The question of inevitable victory isn’t at issue. The only question is what price we pay, and blood is far too expensive. Democrats are cowards, but there are a lot of them out there, and they aren’t ever going away. The dream of equalism and the abolition of the nation state will remain a part of our culture for decades at least. They’ll be capable of huge violence in all the places we’re not looking. And that’s a bad recipe for everyone.

Since the left is so animated by their terror of the moment, some violence may be unavoidable, but we should always strive to keep it to a minimum. If we have to take a deal that is a compromise on extreme positions, this should be a fair price. So long as we obtain the tools to speak freely in the marketplace of ideas, the rest can be obtained later.

And there should be no mistake about what we’re striving for. We should be working toward sending the violent snowflakes of the Social Justice Left, back to the political hinterland with the Klan and the American Nazi party, that their actions so resemble. We should make them the subject of ridicule again, like they would have been if they argued their much beloved ‘transgender bathrooms’ or sanctuary cities in 1962, instead of 2012. We don’t have to deny them a platform like they have done to us, we just need the protection to ridicule them as they deserve, when the do have the nerve to speak such utter nonsense.

This is the route to real control of America, and the one that is the most peaceful. We don’t need a divorce, we need a merger. A hostile takeover if it comes to it, though I don’t think it will. The Republican party needs us, even if individual people still can’t see it. Then after entering and consuming the Republican party, we gather up the left with their emotional projection, they hysteria and their hyperbole and pack them off to the ‘right side of history’ for them. The fringe where they’ve always belonged.

Friday, March 3, 2017

- Is That Thunder...

... or the sound of distant artillery?

How's this for a possible chain of events:

1. FBI investigates leaks finding direct link to Obama administration.
2. After promising immunity up the chain, someone VERY senior is identified as the architect.
3. This person is arrested and charged.
4. The Social Justice idiots go on the warpath depicting the legal reaction to a failed coup, as a coup.
5. The media decries it as "Just Like Hitler".
6. The wholesale violence that academia has been stoking for decades, finally bubbles over.

It's unlikely at a number of points. But not impossible. The problem is, there are about 20 other things that are no less likely, and could have the same result.

I've had a running disagreement with one of the writers I mentioned the other day (No... not The Derb) about what to do about the black population and their complete dissatisfaction with America. He said (and though we haven't spoke about it much in a few months ... probably still says) Buy them off. Give them money, and keep the lid on for a few more years. Once you start feeding the gator, you have to keep feeding it.

I disagreed with that strategy because it's a short vol trade. It's paying them a little now to avoid a one time payment, that's sure to come somewhere down the line. Better to have that fight, cope with the consequences and then look at the facts... not the feelings, the facts and build policies which put productive incentives back in place.

I guess I feel a little safer from street violence than he does. Either way though, it's looking more and more like it's coming. I think the left would prefer that to actually facing the truth about themselves, and their worldview.

- Charles Murray Attacked/Professor Assualted

I'm a big admirer of Charles Murray who has stared unflinchingly into the truth and done his best to illuminate it for others. The southern Poverty law center, shameless unrepentant hacks that they are, call him a white supremacist because his research has shown an average IQ difference between whites and other racial groups.

Well he was speaking up at Middlebury Vt, and he got the Milo treatment. His speech was shut down at the lectern so they moved it into a private room without an audience so it could continue. Then when afterward when his host was showing him to his car, they were attacked and the female professor injured.

If Milo gets you riled up I can see it. Riling is part of what he does, and there is a lot of emotion involved in his schtick. But Charles Murray is no more animated by hate than I am. His work is serious, cerebral and in my opinion points as much as any social research ever could, to the truth.

Let that sink in a bit. A crowd at a university just chased down and attacked a man for dispassionately speaking 'the truth'. Not calling Feminists crazy, not saying homosexuality goes against nature, or that blacks deserve to be in chains. They attacked him for pointing out facts ... FACTS... whose emotional connotations they didn't like.

Murray has been so careful to avoid this kind of thing that his book "coming Apart" excluded any race but whites. I don't know how he could have been more accommodating of the feelings of liberals than that.

The mistake that liberals are making here is in thinking that this is going to make the issue go away. the truth can't be shouted down or chased through the parking lot with rocks and clubs. It's not going anywhere, and the more they pull this crap the more they drive America into the waiting inevitability of the alt-right.

And I hope the idiots who think like Triggly-Proff are all very proud of the 'safe space' they've created on campus. It's time to pull their funding or make them ditch their speech codes. This shit has obviously gone far enough. Future leader of America my white ass.

HatTip - Ace


Youtube had video of the event. Murray takes the stage at the 19 minute mark. To call it creepy is a vast understatement. The kids all turn their backs on Murray and recite some speech in unison. Obviously these kids need cult deprogramming.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

- Chuck Schumer As Shylock

It's really a shame that Shylock has become such a broadly used slander against Jews and Lawyers, because it suits Chuck Schumer so well personally. He's an angry, bitter man, filled to the brim with acrimony, and perfectly willing to twist and pervert the law in any way he has to, in order to make it serve his ends. If he could, I'm quite certain he'd be out there demanding a pound of flesh wherever he could.

Lately Mr. Schumer, in his role as the last Democrat witch hunter, has been trying to lash Jeff Sessions to the pyre, but to no avail. Sessions just held a press conference where he decided to recuse himself from any investigations pursuant to the election and Russian involvement. And since the whole thing has been ginned up in Democrat Party meetings and the offices of NBC, I think that's the right thing for him to do. There's nothing there. Don't waste time on it by pretending there is.

It's kind of a shame though that instead of facing down their defeat at the hands of Trump, the Democrats have clung to the delusion that the Russians have somehow had a material impact on America electing him. In point of fact, that's how Washington has worked for a very long time, and is itself, one of the main reasons Trump got elected in the first place. But as Americans clearly said with their votes, We're all tired of this devious legal wrangling, and subsequent media distortion. give us Trump's inelegant but unambiguously straight talk anyday.

I saw Schumer at the Dragon parade in chinatown for Chinese New Year, and if anything I was taken by how frail he looked. He was walking and had his prototypical politician's grimace in place of a smile on his face. But he was hunched, and didn't look fit or healthy at all. More than anything he reminded me of an elderly Anthony Wiener. Though given his age and cultural norms, I doubt there have been any dick pics in his past.

I won't go so far as to wish ill on the man, but it would be nice if he decided to step down himself for some personal reason. Then the rest of us can at least try to put the era of the shylocks behind us.

- Rediscovering Punk As Trumpism

There is a pretty bland piece in "The Week" claiming that Trumpism is overturning politics the same way Punk overturned the 20 minute guitar solos of the Emerson Lake And Palmer era of music. It's not a terrible piece, it's just a little late.

I don't know if I like Trumpism as much as I liked Punk. I find his speaking stilted and wooden. And his thin skin rubs me the wrong way. I don't really care for his presentation at all, but I do like 3 things about him more than any politician since Reagan.

1. He (rightly) despises the press because he can see what useless feckless lying assholes they are.
2. He has balls.
3. To the degree he's able, he keeps his word.

The guy in the linked story refers to the Ramones, which of course he would. The Ramones looked awesome from a distance, but were a real wreckage up close.

Johnny on guitar, was the 'leader' of the band. It was also his right wing politics that was reflected in the band oeuvre. But if you've ever seen the great Documentary on the Ramones, "End of the Century", it's clear he was a huge dick. As an example, Johnny's wife was the inspiration for the song "The KKK took my baby away" written by Joey, and referring to the moment when Johnny stole her from him.

Joey, the guy behind the microphone, had a serious case of OCD, and host of health problems. It was serious enough that doctors told his parents when it surfaced in his youth, that he was unlikely to be a useful part of society. From a certain perspective he wasn't. He just happened to fall into the perfect place at the perfect time with the few remaining skills he did possess.

Dede was a Heroin addict/male prostitute before the band took off, and had all the personality characteristics that you would expect of that kind of guy.

And Tommy, behind the Drum kit, though probably the best socialized of the band, left the band early to work as a producer, while a series of other players took over behind the kit.

These guys were a mess. On a good day they were typical blue collar schmos from Queens, but usually, they were the guys who couldn't cut it as blue collar schmos from queens. But for the good luck of running into each other at just the right moment in history, and catching the eye of CBGB's owner Hilly Krytsal, they'd have been just another castoffs, living barely civilized lives of relative poverty, and complaining about everything at the end of the bar.

Clearly fate had other plans for them.

But the guy in the story really does get it wrong. Trump may be a rock star, Like Johnny Ramone, but Punk was bigger than he was. It's the Alt-Right that's the new punk, and Trumpism is punk only in as much as it has things in common with it. The unapologetic pushback on political correctness and the media isn't Trump, it's the alt-right. Trump is a part of it, but he's not "It". Any more than the punk movement ended at the CBGB's door.

The Ramones in some sense 'invented' punk. Trump is the first star of the Alt-right. But just like in punk, there are going to be others. Just watch.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

- This May (Tragically) Prove Handy

I had an email exchange with an old friend this morning, an immigrant from Germany. In the process of discussing personal and off topic, he introduced me to the following German colloquialism:


"To make something worse in an honest but failed attempt to improve it."  

I now feel fully prepared to comment on the Republican effort to replace Obamacare.

- Illiteracy and Innumeracy

Let's be frank, no one in politics understands statistics and probability, because they don't want to. Take the most obvious example if you move in my circles, the average group IQ difference. Blacks are approximately 1 STD below whites, who are approximately 1/2 STD below asians. This isn't really in dispute. And the meaning of the fact is distorted on both sides.

Liberal politicians, particularly black liberals, say that this is a fraudulent number because of cultural bias, or... Actually, I don't know for sure because the combination of statistical facts and liberal voices invariably makes me tune out. All I hear is blah, blah, blah... racism...blah blah... white people... blah blah... supremacy... blah. But I think the alt-right get's the meaning of this fact wrong too. They seem to think that because whites are on average smarter than blacks, it makes whites better people.

While I strongly agree that white culture IS in fact better than black American culture, and that means better for everyone including blacks, this statistical fact still doesn't tell you anything at all about individual people. Smarter does not necessarily equal better.

Numerate Alt-Righters like the Derb and Steve Sailer (and in all humility myself) have repeated this again, and again, ...and again, ........... and again. And no one on any side of the issue ever seems to hear it. It's willful ignorance to pretend that group averages say something about the comparison of two individual group members. And if the alt-right is going to be different from what came before it, it needs to start speaking with numerate literacy.

We need to be accurate. We cannot afford not to be. Our generalized positions contradict too many dogmatically held views of most Americans. And we can't afford to be controversial, which is unavoidable, and inaccurate both. The broader public knows when it's being handed another load of bull from politicians, and this is the most common load in public discourse. Credibility should be our most sought after goal, and that comes from relentlessly sticking to things we can prove (rather than argue) are perfectly true.

And it's for that reason this story bothers me just a bit as well.

U.S. House candidate Brianna Wu, a Massachusetts Democrat, is worried that people will drop rocks from the moon that will hit the earth and kill people.

Wu is one of the Feminist proto-totalitarians from Gamergate, and since Gamergate contains the seeds of the alt-right, she's broadly considered awful. Her interest in Social Justice means she's an inveterate liar. But her claim comes from the adolescent reading list of everyone who ended up in a STEM career, "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress", the 1966 classic libertarian sci-fi novel written by Robert Heinlein.

In the story, the moon has been permanently colonized and decides to declare political independence from earth. Having little in the way of manufacturing but much in the way of resources, they decide on a comparatively low tech threat of launching a largish boulder toward earth as a kind of man made "sweet meteor of death". Based on the reaction to Wu's tweet, 'right leaning' journalists are unfamiliar with this literary staple of the freshman Physics department.

Heinlein wrote fiction, but is usually lumped into the generalized group of 'hard science' writers, who stuck with the known facts of physics and extrapolated from there. And in the story he goes into some detail about how this inaccurate but effective weapon could be effectively used. "Slower = Faster", is the 'gravity well' effect reduced to a science fiction soundbite.

So while the logistics of Wu's claim are difficult to imagine from our present circumstance and far very flung from SpaceX's coming moon tourism, they are scientifically valid in the broadest sense.

This doesn't make Wu a hero. It's a stupid complaint, from a very likely stupid girl who is probably only upset at the idea that future moon residents might be able to escape her totalitarian impulses. But in purely theoretical terms and with a fair amount of extrapolation, she's not wrong.

I think it's important for the Alt-Right to be the party of facts and accuracy. It should be a risky thing to disagree with the alt-right because it's a movement grounded in fact, whenever facts are available. And giving even those people we revile politically the full credit they're due, should be a part of that too - particularly when the issue at hand is as infantile as this one. Both the left and the old-right think twitter witch burning is great fun. But if we want to be taken seriously, we need to avoid that impulse. Our facts are controversial enough.