Thursday, March 30, 2017

- Another Personal Note

It's a transplant era for RFNJ. And I don't mean the metaphorically. There was my Bro of course, who is doing better every day, and our friend RP who donated a kidney. But there was one more bit of Medical drama I haven't mentioned.

Many of you who have been involved in the RFNJ hunting excursions, have met and talked to my old friend Randy, a former Fixed Income portfolio manager and gun guy from my Hedge Fund past. Even though he was a lifelong non-smoker, he's had a serious chronic lung problem. Well 5 weeks ago at UCLA, he traded his lungs for another pair, 'slightly used'.

I heard from him today and he sounds better than he has in years. He's certainly more optimistic, and getting stronger every day. I'm shocked to discover that the recovery time for such a major thing is actually better than what my bro is going through, but I'm nothing but pleased to hear my old friend sounding so much better.

It's a very optimistic moment, for all parties involved. Just one more reason for all of us to try to put the Obama years behind is.

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ikaika said...

I met Randy at one of the pheasant hunts. Nice guy. I think I offered him a cigar