Friday, March 3, 2017

- Charles Murray Attacked/Professor Assualted

I'm a big admirer of Charles Murray who has stared unflinchingly into the truth and done his best to illuminate it for others. The southern Poverty law center, shameless unrepentant hacks that they are, call him a white supremacist because his research has shown an average IQ difference between whites and other racial groups.

Well he was speaking up at Middlebury Vt, and he got the Milo treatment. His speech was shut down at the lectern so they moved it into a private room without an audience so it could continue. Then when afterward when his host was showing him to his car, they were attacked and the female professor injured.

If Milo gets you riled up I can see it. Riling is part of what he does, and there is a lot of emotion involved in his schtick. But Charles Murray is no more animated by hate than I am. His work is serious, cerebral and in my opinion points as much as any social research ever could, to the truth.

Let that sink in a bit. A crowd at a university just chased down and attacked a man for dispassionately speaking 'the truth'. Not calling Feminists crazy, not saying homosexuality goes against nature, or that blacks deserve to be in chains. They attacked him for pointing out facts ... FACTS... whose emotional connotations they didn't like.

Murray has been so careful to avoid this kind of thing that his book "coming Apart" excluded any race but whites. I don't know how he could have been more accommodating of the feelings of liberals than that.

The mistake that liberals are making here is in thinking that this is going to make the issue go away. the truth can't be shouted down or chased through the parking lot with rocks and clubs. It's not going anywhere, and the more they pull this crap the more they drive America into the waiting inevitability of the alt-right.

And I hope the idiots who think like Triggly-Proff are all very proud of the 'safe space' they've created on campus. It's time to pull their funding or make them ditch their speech codes. This shit has obviously gone far enough. Future leader of America my white ass.

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Youtube had video of the event. Murray takes the stage at the 19 minute mark. To call it creepy is a vast understatement. The kids all turn their backs on Murray and recite some speech in unison. Obviously these kids need cult deprogramming.


MikeCLT said...

How can this not be major news? If not with the MSM then at least with conservative publications? Charles Murray is one of the preeminent social scientists in the country. I can't believe the WSJ, at least their editorial page, hasn't reported this.

I see the usual cuckboys at NR, like Jonah Goldberg, are piling on Sessions. Worse than useless.

Tom said...

Funny, I'm not surprised at ll. They're just striking one more blow in the fight for social justice. How's that news? Meanwhile, Trump drank a glass of water today... just like Hitler used to do.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

These SJWs at the universities are being trained and directed by high-paid "diversity" staff.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I drive by that college all the time. It is not far from my parent's summer home. I think tuition there is now about $55k a year. Brainwashing doesn't come cheap!