Thursday, March 2, 2017

- Chuck Schumer As Shylock

It's really a shame that Shylock has become such a broadly used slander against Jews and Lawyers, because it suits Chuck Schumer so well personally. He's an angry, bitter man, filled to the brim with acrimony, and perfectly willing to twist and pervert the law in any way he has to, in order to make it serve his ends. If he could, I'm quite certain he'd be out there demanding a pound of flesh wherever he could.

Lately Mr. Schumer, in his role as the last Democrat witch hunter, has been trying to lash Jeff Sessions to the pyre, but to no avail. Sessions just held a press conference where he decided to recuse himself from any investigations pursuant to the election and Russian involvement. And since the whole thing has been ginned up in Democrat Party meetings and the offices of NBC, I think that's the right thing for him to do. There's nothing there. Don't waste time on it by pretending there is.

It's kind of a shame though that instead of facing down their defeat at the hands of Trump, the Democrats have clung to the delusion that the Russians have somehow had a material impact on America electing him. In point of fact, that's how Washington has worked for a very long time, and is itself, one of the main reasons Trump got elected in the first place. But as Americans clearly said with their votes, We're all tired of this devious legal wrangling, and subsequent media distortion. give us Trump's inelegant but unambiguously straight talk anyday.

I saw Schumer at the Dragon parade in chinatown for Chinese New Year, and if anything I was taken by how frail he looked. He was walking and had his prototypical politician's grimace in place of a smile on his face. But he was hunched, and didn't look fit or healthy at all. More than anything he reminded me of an elderly Anthony Wiener. Though given his age and cultural norms, I doubt there have been any dick pics in his past.

I won't go so far as to wish ill on the man, but it would be nice if he decided to step down himself for some personal reason. Then the rest of us can at least try to put the era of the shylocks behind us.

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