Friday, March 3, 2017

- Is That Thunder...

... or the sound of distant artillery?

How's this for a possible chain of events:

1. FBI investigates leaks finding direct link to Obama administration.
2. After promising immunity up the chain, someone VERY senior is identified as the architect.
3. This person is arrested and charged.
4. The Social Justice idiots go on the warpath depicting the legal reaction to a failed coup, as a coup.
5. The media decries it as "Just Like Hitler".
6. The wholesale violence that academia has been stoking for decades, finally bubbles over.

It's unlikely at a number of points. But not impossible. The problem is, there are about 20 other things that are no less likely, and could have the same result.

I've had a running disagreement with one of the writers I mentioned the other day (No... not The Derb) about what to do about the black population and their complete dissatisfaction with America. He said (and though we haven't spoke about it much in a few months ... probably still says) Buy them off. Give them money, and keep the lid on for a few more years. Once you start feeding the gator, you have to keep feeding it.

I disagreed with that strategy because it's a short vol trade. It's paying them a little now to avoid a one time payment, that's sure to come somewhere down the line. Better to have that fight, cope with the consequences and then look at the facts... not the feelings, the facts and build policies which put productive incentives back in place.

I guess I feel a little safer from street violence than he does. Either way though, it's looking more and more like it's coming. I think the left would prefer that to actually facing the truth about themselves, and their worldview.

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