Friday, March 17, 2017

- The Move to #EndStPatricksDay

No, I'm not kidding:

White Pride can't be allowed in 2016 - #endstpatricksday.

For a guy who can trace his family back to Henry II and his "visit" to Ireland in 1172, I'm not such a big booster of St. Patrick's Day. I don't usually wear green or make much of a drunken fuss. I do own a Green Kilt (I own 2 actually, one in Blackwatch Tartan and a 'modern' kilt of Green canvas.) But for the most part I tend not to over indulge in my heritage on a single day, and instead kind of spread it out through the year.

But the idiotic shit listed above makes me want to go throw on my kilt, and saunter over the the Huffington Post offices (a block from me) and slug the first non-white male (ish) person I see.

And as a group, the Irish (certainly Irish Americans) are not the types to shyly look at their shoes and give up without a fight. For the most part we love a fight. The more fight the better. You wanna riot? The Irish will give you a riot. They don't call it "Belfast confetti" because it was invented in Italy.

And what's more, the Irish have never been done any real favors by anyone. In some respects we were the last actual 'minority' that it was OK to discriminate against. Well, one of them at any rate, and these days hating the Irish as 'white' is now considered mandatory. But my point is that if the Irish have anything at all it's because we fought, worked, and risked to get it. So we are none too inclined to apologize to the 'otherness' because they haven't done the same. So by all means you idiot progressives, keep it up. They'll be white riots again in no time if you all have your way.

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Stephen Paul Foster said...

The Left is now openly exterminationist.