Wednesday, March 8, 2017

- My ZMan Disagreement

I wonder what Jonah Goldberg’s reaction would be if he went to speak at Middlebury College, and ended up being chased from the venue by a violent mob, while they screamed that he’s an anti-Semite, and tried to physically assault him. I wonder what Rich Lowry would feel about the Alt-right after being decried as a white supremacist and being the target of a scenario like that. without an active forceful rebuttal of the left's moral agenda, it's going to happen. so I guess we'll all find out eventually.

I’m gonna come clean here. I spent a good chunk of my career as a prima donna. For my own personal reasons, I was fanatically interested in the objective truth. And I wasn’t concerned with anyone else’s opinion on how to derive it. When I was at Moore Capital, I had a series of legendary shouting matches with a senior guy in the IT department - all in the middle of the Trading floor. The whole place would go quiet while they watched us rage at each other.

He wasn’t a bad guy, and he wasn’t a stupid guy. They would have never let him anywhere near Moore if he were. He and I just had different ideas about how to accomplish things, and I was more comfortable with fighting than I was with compromising with him. Back then I’d have pissed in anyone’s cheerios if I thought I was right. And I was really just lucky that the guy who took exception to me didn’t have much in the way of power, and that the big guys all though it was fun to watch out battles.

These days though, I'm more circumspect and my view is more tempered. I now realize that there are opposing interests in all things, and it’s usually better to make a deal with someone who disagrees with you than to duke it out to the death. It’s the smart way to go. It lets you win today, and makes a win more likely tomorrow. Work it out. Make a deal. Settle for half a pie, in almost all circumstances. Don’t die on every hill. That’s my motto these days.

The Zman seems to think this is a bad strategy. I’m not so sure about that. The old right (the cuckservatives as many will call them) aren’t going to disappear. They represent a massive interest group that will continue to have broad influence no matter how persuasive the alt-right becomes. Guys like Charles Murray, Jonah Goldberg, and Kevin Williamson will always be smart, literate, and persuasive. On an individual policy basis we should look at them as allies not enemies.

And we should be struggling to change their minds and get them to agree with us to the degree we can, not to send them to the wilderness. We should reserve that for our enemies.

How hard do you think it I today to convince Charles Murray, that Diversity is a poor idea? How easy would it be to persuade him that the Black Lives Matter movement is an illegitimate ‘will to power’ group that don’t care at all about objective facts? How difficult would it be to get to him to publicly call Feminism a pariah whose positions actually contradict the interests of women? The same will be true eventually for all the NeverTrumpers. And that makes them our allies not our enemies.

Ok, maybe we can’t ever rely on them. Maybe that come to Jesus “Red Pill” moment is beyond them. I don’t think so. But that does not make them worse than the left for the alt-right cause. They might not see the truth themselves yet, but I believe they're trying. And as their 'peace through surrender' strategy is revealed to them by being mugged by the left's reality, I think that's likely to change.


They are still going on about the Charles Murray think over at NRO. This was an important thing to them - meaningfully different than when it happened to Derb, Taylor, Brimelow, and most recently Vdare as a whole with their conference.

After all those years of being in the same moral bed with the academic left, they've come home and found her in the sack with two or three Antifa marxists, and they're making her "water tight" as the kids say. And the NRO boys are all aghast that the academy could be so unfaithful to them. This makes me sympathetic to Zman's view, at the very least.

But I would argue that this is the very time to talk to them about the red pill. Get it in front of them. Have Colonel Schlichter write something on it that they'll actually read without the usual "oh he's one of those" dismissal. These are real, and sound ideas representing a valid historical viewpoint and a relevant and self contained philosophy. This is the time for converts, not for expulsions.


Tony Lawless said...

Good post. I like Charles Murray. He has done very good work. He is open to suggestion at the moment because of his encounter with the zombies.

Tom said...

Last year Derb, this year Charles Murray, next year they'll be torching the National Review offices, and the year after that they'll be protesting outside that bastion of racist white supremacist thinking, the Huffington Post. These people are our allies to the degree that they are interested in objective truth and not liberal dogma. and that dogma looks more threatening to them every day.

neal said...

I do not understand that whole all or nothing game. Very binary, and always full of bad actors.
Cannibilism, purity control. The world is messy, things get done.
That is not weakness, that is just not getting kicked around so much.

Not much cognitive parlay, these days. It is unfortunate that those that have never survived war do not consider what that lack of being humbled will do to the kids.

Tom said...

I couldn't agree more. We should be acting with our heads not our hearts. The heart is important over the long term. Keep the supreme goal in mind. but in the meantime, get to it. Make a deal. Get what ground we can. Like the liberals have always done. And it's these guys - these new converts who are finding religion three steps ahead of the angry mob - who can see that happen.

ikaika said...

Interesting - at present the Repubs are thrashing out the Obama repeal replace scheme. They are negotiating among each other and they are publicly airing their differences.
This is how democracy at the legislative level is supposed to look and work. I have liberals in my office pointing to this republican internecine dissent as if it were a flawed process. I reminded them that every democrat - lockstep-voted for 15000 pages of intrusive legislation that none of them had the guts or initiative to argue. You can't argue with liberals. They believe consensus is paramount regardless of the outcome, even if it means eviscerating liberty.
As to our brethren on the paleo right, I am reminded of the founding of our nation. Sam Adams and his pals were Alt-Right or Alt-Reb. John Adams sought justice through process and John Dickenson was a loyalist until pall of war came to Pennsylvania. He didn't switch ranks, but he understood where things were heading. HE saw early that the Townsend Acts were illegitimate but was aware that war with England would be bloody and foolish without 100% commitment. Again, I say we are at a crossroads in American History, but I will go deeper into historic similarities with the fall of Rome. (After reading Gibbon and now re-reading Henri Perrine, the similarities in Europe and the Americas to the conditions that pervaded 5th Century western europe is striking.)