Friday, March 24, 2017

- No Enemies To The Right

The rise of the Alt-Right and the election of Trump, has ended friendships. But the places it's done the most damage aren't across the left vs right divide. Those gaps were already entrenched on both sides with a no man's land between them. The big new arguments were between the old right, and the new.

I've had it happen to me personally. A National Review writer (who shall remain nameless) who I certainly considered a friend of mine, was so disgusted with my embrace of the alt-right's 'fight back always' position and it's abandonment of civility, that we stopped speaking.

This seemed like high irony a few weeks ago when Charles Murray, an old right/AEI intellectual who had the unmitigated gaul to report facts as he found them instead of twisting reality to suit the liberal narrative, was chased from a University campus by an angry mob of social justice warriors. Suddenly the old right was aghast that handing the left the moral victory without a battle was no longer enough for them, and the alt-right was looking more and more vindicated in it's take.

Well that process has come full circle now, and the source of the most active, vocal criticism of the alt-right's tactics, has been branded by the left as the true source of the Alt-right:

How National Review Helped Build the Alt-Right

The arguments made are not totally fallacious. NR at one point or another, employed our man Derb, Peter Brimelow, and Bob Weisberg, and continues to publish Victor Davis Hanson's notoriously practical and reality-realist take. Slate feels this is enough to 'blame' them for the alt-right, in spite of their denials.

If only NR could have seen this coming. If only they could have imagined that the left might consider tarring them with the same brush they themselves had been using for several years to tar their own right leaning allies. If only they could have imagined that after they came for the Derb, Peter Brimelow and Bob Weissberg, they would also be coming for them.

Ask not for whom the accusation of racism rings false National Review, it rings false for thee.

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ikaika said...

In reference to one that shall not be named, I used to follow his twitter feed and saw the disintegration from common-sense to nonsensical as the alt-right and the Trump team gained momentum. Was it Trump's lack of civility to Jeb and every other GOPer that caused the meltdown? It was the notion that Trump was not a "true conservative" as Cruz rightly pointed out, but the ignorance in the face of Trump harnessing popular sentiment that left the GOPers speechless. They couldn't attack Trump without attacking the blue-collar trumpers and that backfired on the old-right. You're former friend's twitter feed would disintegrate into these personal fallacious attacks against Trump supporters. He came off totally smug and at some points threw down physical challenges. It was strange because I had respect for the guy as a writer and here he is going full-retard on the people that he should have applied civility. Perhaps Trump was doing to the leftist media what he should have done in those panel shows. Yeah I thought he didn't take any bait on Bill Maher's show, but don't go beating up the guy that fixes your toilet when you had every opportunity to destroy the Left media in a 30-minute spot. Your former friend is caught in a strange duality with lots of regret.