Tuesday, March 21, 2017

- Regarding Tomi Lahren

As usual, I don't seem to appreciate what all the fuss is about. Tomi Lahren a young pretty girl, has decided that she can't be anti-government and pro-life at the same time. What do we learn from this? That's she's a pretty young girl with lots of potential breeding options, and she'd like to ride the carousel a while before settling down. That's it. There is no high minded constitutional debate here, in spite of what she or her now former (sometimes idiot) boss Glenn Beck says.

Ms. Lahren knows instinctively, as all young women seem to, that the minute the risk of premarital sex goes up, she's going to have a lot less of it. She doesn't want to be careful about it because that's a cost, and who wants to pay costs if you don't have to? The rest is really just rationalization.

If I were her, 24. blonde, and newly media ascendant, I might feel the same way. There is nothing so hard wired into women as hypergamy, and the desire to wrest full control of the breeding decisions away from men. It's got to be an awfully powerful bit of motivation. And if you were to reincarnate Mother Theresa into the body of a cute little blonde born in 1995, and drop her down into a world where her ego was as continually stroked as an American media darling, she'd probably feel the same way about it. In the same way that you can't stop young men from wanting to screw everything in sight, you can't stop young women in that circumstance from wanting to kill any accidentally conceived child.

Now it's true, not all women feel that way. But I'll bet the vast majority of 24 year old 9's who are rising rapidly in the media world do. The ego saturation is simply too overwhelming. She may end up married to a billionaire on a white horse, with a white private jet, or a handsome prince or whoever. And she's not gonna let a little thing like a pregnancy from the hot guy at the other end of the trailer park put a thing like that at risk.

For women in this situation It's self over others. Always. And that isn't to say I blame her for her choice. I mean, I think it's the wrong choice of course. But it's the question that's the problem (or really, the fact that it was ever asked of her) not her answer to it that's an issue.

As a corollary, imagine what you as a young man would have done to your steady girlfriend, three months after you won a 100 million dollar lottery. At first you'd say "I'll never change" and you'd mean it. But a few months bopping around the south of France or St. Barths with your buddies, spending big money and drawing the attention of all the 9+ women who hover in such places waiting for a guy like you, and you'd start to have doubts. Sooner rather than later (how much sooner correlated to your youth) you'd end up cheating and then dumping little miss faithful for the multitude of newly available options.

This is the same thing Tomi is doing. She's trading in the child of Mr. Trailer park for the possibility of a child with Prince Frederick of Ganserndorf - or whoever. And at least she's being intellectually consistent and honest about it. that's more than we'd get from most women. Many things may change about future America. But whatever happens, the abortion genie is going to be the very last one crammed back into it's bottle. Many women will die before conceding that point, without their ever knowing precisely why.

The real moral to this story is that we should making the minimum voting age 30 or something. Kids have no business making decisions as if they were grownups.

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