Tuesday, March 14, 2017

-The Rise of the Super-Villain Part 2

Above video puts it in a nutshell: Nerd puts college directory online and becomes billionaire.
As I said before in the original "Rise of the Super-Villain", Zuck is power-hungry. Like all other fabled super-villains, they need to be jilted by those they seek approval from. Zuck is hiring former presidential campaign advisers like David Plouffe and he has embarked on a tour to listen to the little people. Zuck could never become president because he is not likable even by the people  that agree with him. He may not run for POTUS, but I anticipate him getting "jilted" by the masses for his intentions. He will most likely become a Soros-type character influencing local and international elections. Seriously, keep this creep on your radar.

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