Wednesday, March 15, 2017

- Some Guy Reporting On Trump's Taxes

Ho hum. Some little pansy looking guy from MSNBC has published Trump's taxes. in 2005 he made about 150 million, and paid about 35 million in taxes on it. If you go ahead and assume a 6% unleveraged yield on his assets (which is generous) then his assets are in the territory of 2 to 3 Billion. If you are a bit more cynical about his return (nationally 4% yield on commercial real estate is probably closer to the mark), then his assets are actually higher. I don't think it's out of line though to expect someone with Trump's pricing power and promotional skills to do better than an unlevered 4%.

There really isn't much of a story here at all. Trump did nothing wrong, the media lied about him doing nothing wrong, and the fact that we're all calling them out on their lies means that we the public, who are supposed to just shut up and think what we're told to think by our betters, are all bunch of idiots as well.

It kind of makes me wonder what the press thinks is going to happen. they are hanging on white knuckled, to their invented vision of America. And with every tick of the clock it's more and more exposed as nothing but a web of lies. So what do they imagine? If they just hang on long enough things are bound to get better? PEople are bound to start believing them again if they simply never admit that anything was an obvious lie?

I can't think of a time in history when a group of people more utterly dependent upon their personal credibility, was more haphazard in throwing it away. Surely one of them, somewhere, must be interested in preserving their reputation as somehting close to objective.


MikeCLT said...

The "Dishonest Media" will be locked into people's heads the same way Lying Ted and Crooked Hillary were. They are helping Trump strip them of their credibility.

Maybe the media think they only have to maintain their credibility with the hard left? That's what they are doing and ignoring the other 80% of the country.

Good. F them. They deserve the contempt they are earning.

ikaika said...

Very interesting link at the Daily Caller.

Now that it was revealed that David Cay Johnston released two pages of schadenfreude, he tries to assert the claim that Melania did porn and thats why Donald's return listed certain specifics.

When they go low, They stay low...