Thursday, March 23, 2017

-Takeaways from the Gorsuch Hearings

I had gone through several of the Gorsuch highlights on my own, both Dem and Repub. I am convinced that Senator Leahy is either stewed on the hooch or becoming senile
Its very simple to find particulars in youtube. As much as Ted Cruz lobbed softballs at Gorsuch, it was a poignant and educated direct examination of the appointment by someone that knows WTF he's talking about. I've linked the 30 minute video and it is well worth listening. Crowder compiles what the Looney Left is applauding as Highlights. Minnesota  should be ashamed of electing Al Franken to the Senate. He sits on the Judiciary committee yet legal terms are so foreign to this clown that he confused the "Absurdity Exception". A first year law student would have raised more poignant questions about Gorsuch than Al Franken. Franken cherry picked one of Gorsuch's opinions only to be schooled over and over again. What all of these nincompoops in t he Senate seem to be forgetting is that Gorsuch was appointed to the Circuit Court Ten years ago. They are playing "gotcha" with a guy that has Ten years on the federal bench as well as a history as a respected legal scholar. Dick Durbin goes down this path and winds up making Gorsuch look like a hero!
Below, Rush Limbaugh nails it: The Left is trying to smear Jimmy Stewart! 

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