Thursday, March 9, 2017

- The Turning Point of Civilization

Charles Martel "Battle of Tours"

Two works I have revisited in the last year are Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and Henri Perrine's Mohammad and Charlemagne.

Gibbon examined the many facets of degradation and expansion that lead to the fall. The cinematic "collapse of Rome" is usually a representation of Barbarian hordes storming the city and setting Rome ablaze. Oddly, the erroneous belief that Rome was sacked in succession by tribe after tribe of barbarians persists. Perrine puts a more granular examination on the table. Uncontrollable immigration, waning border security and a collapsing welfare state were of major concern...

Western, Rome expanded into Germania but could not sustain the fortifications and influence beyond the Danube and the Dnieper.
You could draw a parallel to the Bush nation building in the Middle East and the Carter admins'  Latin American interventionist years. The Folly of LBJ in southeast Asia should have been enough of a deterrent for future presidents...

Applying Perrine and Gibbon to America: we have Goths coming in from our southern borders as "socio-economico-political refugees" as well as designated "war-refugees" streaming in from the middle east by fiat from Obama.
According to Perrine, it was the Huns that terrorized the western barbarians and caused them to stream through the porous Roman borders. Approximately 40,000 Goths of which 8,000 were of warrior class "immigrated" into the western Empire. Seems much like the "Syrian" refugees. Although these refugees are not entirely Syrian but like the Goths before them, they are supposedly fleeing the Huns of ISIS.
The Goths had their own rulers and were bored with the prospect of merely being Roman subjects and mercenaries. As more barbarian refugees poured in, the influence of the Goths began to overtake the waning influence of Rome. Unlike our Latin and Middle Eastern refugees, the Goths decided to learn latin and assimilate some of the Roman traits. Also Rome was offering protection and whatever "welfare" they could offer the immigrants in hopes that the ruling classes could employ some mercs for their own protection.
Today we see a collapsing European empire whose major cities are being sacked by the newcomers they eagerly embraced. Europe redrafted their borders to be non-existent.
Like the Goths, the Middle East and North African refugees have their own leaders and have no desire to assimilate. Their leaders are protected by anti-bigotry laws in Europe and America. Mosques are not centers of spirituality or theology, but moreover staging points for a takeover.

The finality of Rome was marked by the rise of Franks in the West and Islam in the East. Eventually these opposing forces would meet... The Finality of 21st Century Europe is playing out before our eyes. Trump can't save them nor will Viktor Orban or any other leader in the wings.

A similar situation was about to unfold in the USA had Trump not been elected. We too have become border-less and lawless.
In Miami, my friends and neighbors are from South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Western Europe etc...
The "latinos" all say the same thing: Latin Americans bring what they were taught in their country of origin to America, and that includes lawlessness. At a town meeting, a woman from Colombia was upset that people were speeding on her block as she has two small children. In her appeal to the town council she prefaced: "We are from countries where we do not obey laws." Afterwards she begged the cops to exact harsh penalties on her kinsman for being scofflaws. We are not shocked and writing tickets will not stop behavior that has been taught over several generations.
Multiply that mentality by the millions and compound the effects over generations.
It is why within our lifetime, the US will see the election  of a Hugo Chavez type president. The left will applaud this person's rise and will fawn at his strength. The media will take pride in noting what bravery it was for the President to strike out the Bill of Rights and imprison opponents. Its gonna happen only because we have a basal and flourishing community of people from countries where strongman despotism is normal and expected.
As for Europe: It won't be Charles Martel or Jan Sobieski this time around. I believe Europe will be lost and will become Islamic within a generation or two. The USA has a chance to remain the last bastion of Western Civilization, but for the non-Muslim Europeans escaping the invading hordes.
On a positive note: I anticipate Afrikaners and other anglo-africans expatriating to the US in large numbers over the next few years, they will be looking to populate the South West and the Plains as offering the most land and freedom.

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