Tuesday, March 7, 2017

-The WÜRM Turns: A folk hero is born

After reading about Charles Murray and liberal counterpart professor being assaulted by SJWs, many on the right (or to the right of Pol Pot) are starting to push back and even fight back.
Continue to poke the elephant in the eye, eventually the elephant will crush you.
SJWs believe they are fighting oppression and have spawned a bizarre creature called AntiFa. That outfit seems to be helmed entirely by militant lesbians and delicate boys (at least that is what you see in the front lines of their displays). Is it a surprise that the masked assailant that got clobbered was a woman? Did you notice that the "men" that participate in the antifa cos-play  will usually run from the melee? After first hand witnessing what ANSWER had perpetrated during the infamous Gulf War Protests, they re-emerge as AntiFa in a feeble attempt to garner some strange sympathy for their wrong-headed cause. We've called it, Sargon of Akaad called it, and many more... AntiFa is nothing more than fascism.
As soon as the first reports of people fighting back hit social media, the cry-bullies claimed that the people they assaulted had no right to defend themselves and the people around them.
After sifting through twitter the other day I came across this hashtag: #basedstickman.
Short story: the Stickman was sick and tired of Trump supporters getting bloodied and beaten, maced, and tazed. The Berkeley cops were ordered to stand down and let AntiFa assault Trump supporters.
Stickman and other guys decided to offer defensive support during the recent prop Trump rally.
Naturally, like moths to a candle, the SJWs and AntiFa Fascists decided that people holding signs that said "House the Homeless" and "Free Speech" were suitable targets. They closed in and decided to attack. Pepper spraying and hitting elderly people with eggs and even a stun gun. Stickman is shown in the video above breaking heads with the remains of his flagpole. Stickman was arrested and charged with 6-counts of assault. A crowdfunding site raised over $50,000 for his defense, A meme war has been launched, and the Fascist Left has awoken a sleeping giant.

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