Wednesday, April 5, 2017

- And One From The Derb

I'm short on time this morning - busy, busy. But I wanted to mention this piece, also from UNZ, by our man Derb. He takes his time getting there, but comes to a very important point:

Dr. Wood’s careful remarks, and Bob’s more straightforward ones, touch on what is perhaps the greatest, the most unmentionable, of all the many Unmentionables about race in America: that whites, in the generality, are scared of blacks, in the generality.

This is an obviously true statement, and I think that fear exists with good reason. Blacks are strong, quick to violence, and far less dissaded from it by fear of the law.

But there is no courage without fear. And some things are more important than an incidental bruised lip or black eye. I'm not telling anyone to be hero. But I was raised to believe that if a man wants to hold his head up, he will have occasional times where holding his fists up will be necessary as well.

I'll tell you one last thing, and then I have to go write an aggregation algorithm.

I've been in a lot of fights in my adolescence and youth. More, I dare say, than the average man my age. I'm a pretty tough and intimidating guy in most circumstances or at least as my years continue to advance and opportunities to prove that statement decline, I believe I still can be. But I've certainly lost far more of the fight's I've been in, than I've won.

But when it comes to physical violence, of the post adolescent high school variety, it usually doesn't matter. All you have to do is put up a good fight. Demonstrate you have the self respect to defend yourself, the courage to face down a man intent on doing you harm, and most of the rest will fall away. Hopefully the next generation will be tougher than this one.

And if we're all afraid of blacks, then the problem is us, not them. And how we let that fear affect us.

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