Tuesday, April 18, 2017

- Antifa Lives Matter

for post mortems on the Berkeley riots, I think Ace contributor OregonMuse's take on it stands alone:

Meet Jese Arreguin, elected mayor of Berkeley, progressive loon, terrorist enabler, idiot. His Twitter TL reads like a conservative parody of a progressive Twitter account. The above tweet is a good example of Arreguin's idiocy. Because what it really means is "free speech for we and not for thee." Or, even more succinctly, "Shut up." Now, you might think Arreguin knows this and is just being cynical about his preferences. But I believe the more logical explanation is that he's dumb as a bag of nails.

What it boils down to is that the rioting that happened this weekend, as well as the previous riots, occurred because Arreguin wanted them to. After all, it was his peeps that were rioting, and the people they were punching, beating, and pepper-spraying, i.e. Trump supporters, veterans, honest free-speech advocates, and other normal people, are generally not "progressive" enough for the likes of the Berkeley mayor.

It would be ludicrous to argue that he didn't know this was going to happen. Even a cursory glance at social media would have told him that the antifas were gearing up for another fight.

One other thing that hasn't gotten through to the antifa supporting liberals in government is that if they aren't going to protect us from violent mobs and are going to leave us to do the job ourselves, then what the hell do we need them for?

Surely that's the next step in a place like Berkeley right? In this last riot, the antifa kids all brought M80's. What happens if they bring pipe bombs to the next riot? What do you think the conservatives will bring to the 'free speech' rally immediately following that one? At that point it will be beyond the ability of the cops to control.

I've seen cops shoot. I'll put my money on your average devoted hobbyist (especially those with a military background) anyday - disorganized as they may be.

I am very much against violence as a response to politics, and I'm all for the free exchange of ideas. I'll debate anyone and will restrict my actions to ... wait for it... speech. But I'm absolutely 110% for violence as a means of self defense (with that extra 10% for the sake of my daughter where the violence I meet out on whoever harms her will be considerably more severe than any they may inflict on her) and it looks like it's coming to that. It certainly did last weekend.

I'm grateful for the courage of the guys who stood up to the Antifa goons and the nominal police presence (because there really isn't any doubt who they were there to protect), and I thank them for putting themselves in harm's way for the sake of saving the rest of us. But the government can and should be the arbiter of force. None of this should be necessary. And if the government doesn't hop to it and put an end to this nonsense, we are going to end up with more than one effeminate male feminist and militant 5 foot tall filipina middle school teacher lying in the road afterward.

Ann Coulter is speaking in Berkeley on the 27th. And the way it looks to me, that's quite literally the last chance for government to fulfill its appropriate role in society. If they don't, then I'm quite certain that power vacuum is going to be filled by people who have far less personal restraint than the police in this country ever have.

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