Friday, April 21, 2017

- Arm The Populace, Seal The Borders

The title of this piece is the suggestion given to PJ O'Rourke on how best to address the situation in Somalia, by an unnamed US Army officer stationed there during our intervention in that country's domestic problems. Peej related the story in his laugh a minute book, "Give War A Chance".

Well Steve Sailer, who has been detailing how America's problems have become third world problems by importing huge chunks of the third world, has another more telling example. The huge post-Ferguson bump in inner city violent crime doesn't seem to be evenly distributed. In fact, more than half of it is coming from just the three 'one party' cities of Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington DC. All of whom have been as welcoming as possible, to uncivilized immigrants from the third world.

These increases were highly concentrated. More than half of the 2015 urban increase (51.8 percent) was caused by just three cities, Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. And Chicago alone was responsible for 43.7 percent of the rise in urban murders in 2016. It is important to remember the relatively small base from which the percentage increases are calculated.

Ah... the glories of a multi-cultural society. The culture of those three cities may involve a lot of murder and mayhem relative to the rest of America, but just think of how diverse that is. It's also important to remember that unlike the civil rights movements of the 60's, today's black rights movement, #Blacklivesmatter, is based entirely upon fictitious information. And it's equally important to remember, as we have been endlessly told by the left, that 'Black American Culture' is very different from 'white american culture', heretofore previously known as 'American Culture'.

We don't know how many of these shootings are a result of immigrants, and there is no immediate reason to believe that immigrants played any outsized role in them. But wholesale immigration from ungovernable cesspools plays a role in society in other ways. They affect the broader conversation, and provide a new perspective from which to view society's success and failures. Surely someone who thinks it's their right to come here in violation of the law, to live by the largess of the American taxpayer, after being raised on another continent in an ungovernable cesspool, will have a different view of how the society should be run than someone who grew up in Eden Prairie Minnesota as the 5th generation descendant of an immigrant dairy farmer. That theoretical descendant of a dairy farmer now lives within a 10 minute bus ride of thousands of Somalis, but they're all considered 'equal' as American now right?

So maybe Peej's unnamed Army Officer has the right idea. Maybe we should build a huge wall around 'the jungle' in Calais ala 'Escape from New York' and do the same with our 'refugees' here. Then upon arrival, give every illegal immigrant 'refugee' a Beretta M9, a box of ammo, and lock them in the box to see what happens? An armed population is a polite population right? That's one of the fundamental unwritten rules of American culture, and works extremely well for the descendant of that dairy farmer, or 3rd generation european families in Texas or North Carolina. It also doesn't do to badly among the descendants of Italian immigrants in New Orleans, or even recent Hindu Indians in Edison NJ. How I wonder, will it work if we treat the recent immigrants from Africa the same way?

I'm not serious about that idea. I'm just trying to highlight how the unwritten rules of western society, work well for, and for the most part apply best to, western men and those that assimilate most easily to western culture. They are crafted to match our sensibilities, our priorities, and our instincts. All of which, I believe, are a product of our genetics. For people who, either by birth or by culture (you can pick) don't possess those same sensibilities, it sounds a lot like a recipe for madness, violence and mayhem, as Steve is detailing in his piece.

And I'm using recent Somali immigrants as a sort of extreme example here. And I don't hate black people at all, in spite of how many of them seem to hate people like me. But after decades of effort, the left has finally convinced me that black culture really is different from 'white American' culture. And I think we only have two choices. Either we put incentives in place to finally make inner city black culture more like the culture of 'White Americans', or we recognize that these differences are a permanent part of the genetic makeup of everyone, and we separate them, and let black Americans 'be black'. Then they can be spared all the verbal violence, oppression, and ill will of those evil white men, and can live their lives in the culture of their own making, constructed for their own sensibilities and instincts, and based upon rules that they themselves can create. Of course, that's exactly what they had back in Africa... but let's not nitpick. The other alternative is to make black Americans into a group of people who, at every available opportunity, behave like 'White Americans'. Some, like my black investment banker buddy, would argue that this would make things much better for everyone, and being a man of the west I don't disagree. But I can't imagine the gang bangers of south Chicago will feel that way about it, at least initially. No group has assimilated more poorly to the ideals of America as black. I'm not sure why that is, but the results are clear. And it's equally clear that racism isn't a cause of that lack but a product of it. Since the end of slavery American blacks have been lapped repeatedly in the race to the top of American culture, by a number of groups, all of whom were seen at the moment of their arrival, as being racially very 'different' than the American culture in place at the time. And all of who suffered discrimination because of it, both overt and systemic, and of the more subtle variety. The Irish were the first to hop above blacks in the societal pecking order. Then the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. Even some black immigrants from the west indies are doing considerably better at assimilating into American society than blacks whose families have been here for generations.

But whatever the cause, there are only two roads open to us. Assimilate or separate. That's it. Those are the choices. Neither will be easy, but there are no other options.

And by the way, you should have a similar reaction to the idea of providing welfare upon arrival to illegal african immigrants as you do to providing them M9's and ammo. Because in far too many cases it's essentially the same thing. The main difference is that in spite of their soaring black on black violent crime rates, Chicago, Baltimore and Washington DC don't have walls built around them. (Though maybe they should.)

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