Monday, April 17, 2017

- Firearm Panic

This is an interesting story. There was a panic at Coney Island when someone thought they heard shots. Interestingly enough, though it didn't make the papers, something similar happened near my on Friday.

I was at Penn Station Friday evening, meeting my daughter who was on her way into town for the weekend. There was a train broken down in the tunnel under the Hudson river, so lots of trains had been cancelled, and the places was mobbed with confused and irritable commuters and holiday travelers.

I was waiting in the area for Jersey Transit in the southeast section of the station. It's sort of it's own room where I can stand in a section above the people getting on the trains, and can see all the people who get off of track 10 or below. When all of a sudden, and seemingly for no reason, a crowd of about 3,000 people began running for the exists. I was out of the lane of travel so I wasn't nervous about the rapidly approaching mob, but it was interesting to watch the panic spread through the room and see the whole place empty out of the exits - dropping their bags and water bottles on the way.

Eventually I took a walk down to the other side of much emptied station through the wreckage that the panic had left behind. The homeless guys were sifting through it all helping themselves to anything of possible value. I spoke to a cop and he told me that someone thought they had heard a shot, but the panic was the real show. "In 35 years I've never seen anything like it." he said.

There was no blood, no body, and since I had been standing nearby in a closed space, I'm pretty confident that there was no shot. I'm certain I'd have heard it.

I don't really blame people for being afraid, I'm never comfortable in big crowds either. That's why I was waiting in an elevated hallway with a back to my wall. But I think this story and the one linked above, highlights a clear disparity of culture. Most of the people in New York have never held a firearm or for that matter even know anyone who has. They are a different breed than 'American' it seems to me, so no wonder they work so tirelessly to see the place destroyed.

They are an easily frightened bunch these liberals.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

...Which begs the question... as you're hanging out in a stampede of panicked NY sheep... Are you rocking that CCW yet? And if the answer is "no comment," then, no worries.

I continue to marvel at your output and insight but how you keep it together living in the belly of the beast... that is perhaps most perplexing to me. I won't even do layovers in NY anymore if I can help it. That place is primed to blow.