Thursday, April 13, 2017

-Global Bitch Slapping Has Commenced

Tom already addressed the Syria imbroglio , in which my comment is available. Gavin McInnis has a take similar to mine in his recent column.

However, you can disagree with your peers and agree with your enemies when we’re talking about a board game that’s in 4-D. You can be an isolationist Trump supporter who hates meddling in the Middle East and still think this was a brilliant move. This wasn’t intervention. It was a fireworks display. We’re done. There will be no abdication of thrones nor any boots on the ground. 
The entire article is worth a read and I agree with the various elements that have been neutralized by Trump's recent actions. Does dropping a MOAB on Afghanistan mean we're going back in? Nope. Unfortunately we are still there. But I like the idea that the MOAB was in response to the killing of a single Green Beret by ISIS. ... Bringing a knife to a gunfight...

What bothers me about the Alt-Right (the outspoken Alt-Right) as well as the Neo-Cons is the insistence that a military decision or a political decision different than the campaign trail automatically follows a pattern of predictability. I disagree. Similar to the excerpted scene from the Godfather, is Trump settling all unfinished business? Syria plays into Neo-Con hands, but does not concede that there will be an invasion. Trump said on the campaign trail that he will bomb the _ _ _ _ out of anyone that messes with the US. He didn't say he'd wait until it happened, but like a boss, he kept his pimp hand strong

The impact is multi-level: 

Xi jin Ping was witness to the event while scarfing down chocolate cake at Mar-A-Lago. Xi is like Freddo here. Freddo needs to clean up North Korea, if not Mikey (Don) will have to send the Navy over to take out Mo Green (Kim Jong Un).
That's an interesting and savvy point of negotiation. While my experience with Chinese history and philosophy is limited (1-year graduate school) Trump boxed-in Xi inside the dilemma of "Save Face... or Lose Face". I recall my professors placing most significance on this element of Chinese life.
I think Xi JinPing heard the message loud and clear. 
But is this part of a big plan that has been in the works?
The National Enquirer says Trump has launched "Operation Clean Sweep"; a global military effort to rid the world of all these two-bit dictators.
What if?
Think about it: not nation building or spreading democracy, but taking out all the biggest jerks on the planet and leaving a vacuum. The neo-cons will squeal that we will need to repair the damage or fill the vacuum. Screw that... vaporize Mugabe, turn Maduro into mush, finally, finally, turn Tehran into cinders... Hamas: gone, ISIS: gone. Any country that even thinks about sponsoring terror in the slightest... whoopsie! Here's Tomahawk to your gut.
Next - move the UN to Ascension Island. One can only dream...


Tony Lawless said...

Except Moe Green, not Michael Corleone, ran Cuba. The analogy is not helpful.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Great post.

Mr. Trump likely deserves a round of apologies from... everyone. He may be the biggest deal since Teddy Roosevelt and the Trumpster was underestimated right out of the gate.

"Obama looks like a bigger pussy now than ever before, thereby neutralizing any post-retirement influence."

Yes, golden. Thought that as soon as I caught the report about the Syria strike. Now MOAB. Oh yeah baby. And did you read Trump's comments re North Korea as he was getting questioned about MOAB?

And as far as finishing unfinished business... after Jong-un, Assad, Putin, ISIS, and AQ, there's going to be this little issue of the Democratic Party the press corps.

God Bless Donald Trump.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

John Batchelor Show: Changed in the war on Islamic terror: Delegating authority to the men doing the fighting and the end of executive indecision.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Love Batchelor. I've been having a hard time as of late tolerating his frequent guest, Stephen F. Cohen. I guess I'm not sure who's side Cohen's on. I am certainly not a professor emeritus of Russian or whatever but Putin strikes me as a total a-hole and my guess is, a la, Team America, Trump, being a complete dick, knows exactly how to treat an a-hole like Putin. Trump certainly proved he can handle them Dem pussies.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Cohen brings a pro-Russia perspective when he is on the show. What I know of Cohen is that he votes Left (he voted for Hillary). I don't understand how a pro Russia person would vote for Hillary.. unless you figured Hillary's anti-Russia stance was just for show.

Muzzlethemuz said...


If he's pro-Russia and pro-Hillary than the dude is confused, which is to say, he's a liberal. Hillary's antagonism of Putin wasn't a charade. I haven't looked at the issue too closely but the shift against Russia/Putin by team Obama happened, as I saw it, when the Kremlin came out with the anti-gay decrees a few years ago, about the same time they went after Pussy Riot which sent Madonna and the celebrity caste into a tizzy. This was about a year or so before Crimea got annexed if memory serves. This was of course after "the reset" and all that.

I'm not a conspiracy person. Hillary's pretty transparent and nothing she's done is out of sync with her ideological vision of American leftism. The liberals and the Reds have a long and colorful history of supporting one another here and abroad. Putin's embrace and implementation of a social agenda hatched in the Russian Orthodox Church should have been a clue to everyone that the divorce between the American Left and modern Russia would be soon in coming.

Authoritarianism comes in many flavors and you can be an atheist authoritarian a la the Chinese or Chavez, you can be an Islamic authoritarian a la the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas but you must never, ever, be an authoritarian under the banner of Christ or you will get blacklisted by the left faster then George Bush got thrown under the bus for advocating "compassionate conservatism."

I had no idea he was a lefty. Went to the Wiki based on your post and indeed, he is! The wife is an editor at The Nation so... Cohen's a tool... of Russia most likely.

I will no longer entertain his presence on Batchelor's show as contributing to the level of erudition and insight on global events that Mr. Batchelor does.