Tuesday, April 25, 2017

- Happy Birthday Ollie

Today is Oliver Cromwell's Birthday. Cromwell was not a much beloved figure in the Irish Catholic world of my childhood. We were descendants of the 'Norman Lords' who came to Ireland with Hugh DeLacy, in 1172, the very same people who had been ruling England for 400 years before Ollie came along. But that Irish expedition was centuries before the reformation so they were all Catholics. Ollie wasn't a big fan of Catholicism, and the Irish church still despises him. I grew up in the US of course, but there was enough tribal affiliation for us all to remember him as a monster of the past. So... not a big hit at my grandfather's house, was Oliver Cromwell. Why precisely we continued to bear him some familial grudge, I chalk up to the nature of being Irish and our general unwillingness to 'let things slide'.

But stepping away from all that, Ollie little adventure as Lord High Protector and the British Civil war seems to me at this altitude to be the closest model history has to offer for our own coming revolution in America. I mean let's be frank, the players in that conflict really are already established. It will be some liberal in the central government who eventually sets off actual armed revolt. I say this because in spite of Antifa and the hyperbole of the left over Trump, they themselves aren't capable of much in the way of action. They say things not do things. They are planners and deciders, not executors. They leave the lowly doing of things to the conservative proles. And that includes fighting actual fights with actual bullets.

They control the bureaucracy sure, but they've dumbed it down to a point where any idiot can do it, and that's who's doing it. It's become a holding pen for the client's of liberalism. The swamp creatures that Trump has promised to drain the water out from under. They have fallen into government work because the private sector wouldn't have them. And when push comes to shove, they could no more mount an armed resistance to a conservative or nationalist government than the National Organization of Women would be at good at organizing an armed militia.

So it will be a totalitarian (probably Social Justice) liberal who sets off the second American Civil war, and a Cromwell like figure will be the guy who overthrows them. Someone Nationalist, with a military background. Charismatic enough to generate political support of a portion of the landed gentry, but not so landed himself that he can't draw support from the masses.

I don't see that person out there right now, but I wonder how visible Cromwell was before his rise. I'm not exactly an expert on him. But one thing is for certain, his popularity was not universal. The Irish still hate him, and our future Cromwell will no doubt pee in a few rice bowls before it's over too. Maybe the gays, who technically have no reason to be liberal in a climate with the radical Islamic wolf at the door and liberal academia feeding it from the table, that will end up bearing the ire of whoever it turns out to be, and end up holding the next permanent grudge.

But the most likely group taken from a snapshot of today, is obviously the jews. The jews are the big source of division among the various nationalist factions. The more extreme groups see them as a source of outsized influence and cultural decay, while the more centrist groups see them as productive, peaceful and inoffensively prosperous. I'm in the latter group, but I don't know how it will play out. Until the first shot is fired, and very often for a long time after that, you never know how it's all going to fall out.

But anyway, I wanted to wish Ollie HAppy Birthday and let him know that for my part, I'm perfectly willing to let bygones be bygones. I'm not much for bearing grudges when I don't know the details of what happened. And if history is the final arbiter of right and wrong, then whatever his sins were, they seem largely forgiven to me.

I hope our future Cromwell does as well.


MikeCLT said...

You have obviously been hanging out with The Derb too much. :)

ikaika said...

I envision the 2nd civil war to be a mixture between Johnny Tremaine and the road warrior.

Lt. Edmund Exley said...

You lost me when you considered Cromwell a positive example.
His skeleton can suck it.