Tuesday, April 11, 2017

- Heartists And Cuckold Culture

Hooray for me. I just finished the design for the AI I've been working on, which I expect to revolutionize ... well, I'm not quite ready to discuss that yet. Let's get the investors signed up and onboard. But I really think it's gonna be big.

So I decided to reward myself with a short break, and hopped around the web a bit hither and yon, looking for some new bit of wisdom to impart. Lo and behold, I found it at one of my regular haunts - Chateau Heartiste. One of the more unapologetically pro-male blogs. Herein is a new term for the culture war: Cuckoldism:

Cuck Nation is the acculturation and codification of cuckoldry, both the duped and voluntary versions. Voluntary cucking is in a way more loathsome than unwilling cuckoldry, because it’s harder to fathom the depth of depravity to which a man must have sunk if bartering his cuckoldry seems to him like the only way he can buy sex and love, and with damaged goods no less.

It's been said that Feminists want to be men. That's partly true. But what they really want is for men to be women, without the natural biological advantages that some women have. Because let's face it, an attractive woman has power. She can more easily persuade, influence, and modify a man's decision making. And in that way she can make the world into exactly what she wants it to be, without ever taking the risks that the men she has so easily persuaded have to. Her only risk is that there will be another woman who takes him away.

Feminists though, don't want men to ever have that kind of power. They want them to have all the downsides of being men and a few new downsides of being treated like women. they want them to be morally compelled to chastity, while still having to bear all the financial burdens and all the physical risks. It's a one way street designed to allow unattractive women to have the same (or at least similar) power over men that attractive women have always had. Except their power is the force of law.

In that respect, just like the race war is really the 'good whites' against the 'bad whites' (HT Derb), Feminism is a war waged by unattractive women, on attractive women. It's those genetically blessed beauties that the Feminists really despise, and if a few men need to rot in jail on false rape charges to get there, it's seems a small price to pay for them.

Male Feminists are just unattractive men who are trying to bottom fish by intellectual affinity. But there is absolutely no good reason for an attractive woman to ever embrace Feminism.

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Stephen Paul Foster said...

Unsurpassed in "male feminism" is the testosterone-deficient, NYT columnist, Nicholas Kristof chosen to interview Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit, an elaborate ritual of self-pity and self-righteousness.

See: http://fosterspeak.blogspot.com/2017/04/hillary-clinton-nicholas-kristiof.html