Thursday, April 20, 2017

-It Was Always Fake News...
You Can skip ahead to the 2:50 mark...
Every liberal I know is crowing about the fall of Bill O'Reilly... big deal. These same dupes will point to Bill Moyers as the most honest journalist on the planet. Liberal News is about as real as "No Touch" Martial Arts.
A good friend of mine has a green-belt in Aikido. I don't know what Aikido is but after seeing some demonstrations, I wouldn't depend on it in a street fight!
Years ago, another friend of mine claimed that his Kung Fu Master in Staten Island could do all these mystical secret tricks... I asked, if he could bend bars with his mind or boil water with his fingers, why couldn't he train his brain to get the hell out of Staten Island? Phooey!
While surfing a wonderful series on Bogus Martial Arts techniques I came across a segment in this video where that Icon of Liberal News Supremacy, Bill Moyers of PBS Fame is in China being completely hoaxed. The video appears to be from the late 70's or early 80's and Bill is narrating ever so smugly that the "no touch" bogus martial arts he is witnessing is some highly evolved science that us knuckle-draggers in the west just can't comprehend. Because its on Bill Moyers... IT MUST BE TRUE!!!
But there is an interesting Fu that is happening in US Media today. While the left cheers the demise of Bill O'Reilly (if you hate the guy that much why pay attention?) they are now stuck with Tucker Carlson...  Maybe Fox News can give Derb the 9 PM slot? That would melt some snowflakes.

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