Wednesday, April 5, 2017

- Sociology 200: The History of Pseudo-Science Racial Theories

If you've ever met Robert Weissberg I'm sure you'll agree with me that he's a very hard guy to not like. He has a razor sharp wit, and a geniality that for me, is vaguely reminiscent of Milton Friedman. His typical MO is a cheerfully good natured deadpan delivery, with a grain of sarcastic truth. As if he's quietly chuckling at the absurdity of the world.

He's got a great piece over at the Unz Review today, talking about how the ideas behind the Alt-Right view of race, can still be presented in a campus environment that see's them as the most incendiary heresy. His claim is that the facts can be raised so long as they are weakly denounced as well. So he's proposed a new course for the heretically minded professors to propose:

Sociology 200: The History of Pseudo-Science Racial Theories. This course surveys the development of “scientific racism” in the writings of Madison Grant, Han Eysenck, J. Philippe Ruston, Richard Lynn and others. Special emphasis will be given to the alleged scientific basis of their work and why this research is hateful.

My instinct when I first read it was that although he knows the academic world much better than I do, he was giving College Students too much credit. But then I had to rethink that. I'm sure there are many kids for which that's true, but to cite an RFNJ axiom, "It isn't true for ALL of them". And in Bob's plan a hard line will be drawn between the kids who can see the facts behind the opinion, and those who can't.

The opinions will all be hard left culturally marxist, but the facts will all support the Alt-Right. And as a result, more people will learn the truth so long as they're capable of forming their own opinion about it.

Bob retired from the University of Illinois several years ago. But it's very easy for me to imagine him speaking to a room full of kids, his deadpan delivery turned up to 11, citing fact, after fact, after fact, followed by the weakest condemnation you could imagine. IT might not be possible for everyone to pull that off, but Bob certainly could. With luck, there are others out there.

Hopefully one of the kids attending will put it on youtube.

Definitely read the whole thing.

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