Friday, May 26, 2017

- An Amazing Admission

From Unz Review (of course) I just this moment read the following sentence from a card carrying member of the intellectual left:

First, it seems to be a fact that the genuinely intellectual wings of the alt-right or neo-reaction (NRx) or whatever you want to call it, are probably too intelligent and sophisticated for bourgeois intellectual workers to engage with, let alone compete with. … So if those essays are actually pretty smart and a legitimate challenge to your institutional authority as a credentialed intellectual—you are functionally required to close ranks, if only with a silent agreement to not engage.

Speaking from personal experience, I'd say this is almost certainly correct. And I'm not even talking about 'half-measure' guys like Charles Murray, who concede the moral ground to the left, but argue the minutiae.Look at Derbyshire, Brimelow, Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer. Show me the leftist who can even keep up with them let alone offer a logically consistent intellectual argument to refute what they say.

In the world there are facts. Facts are inescapable. Gravity doesn't care how you feel about it. Then there are ideas, which may in the fullness of time prove to be facts when their supporting evidence becomes so well known or inexpensive to learn, that they ean that status. This is the intellectual border of the objective world.

Then there are opinions. Opinions are not facts, and never will be facts. Opinions are a subjective reflection of facts. They're conjecture, or assumption. But they are not facts, and a fair number of them (I'd say 50% but that's slightly unfair) will turn out to be simply wrong.

Then there are feelings. Feelings are something we all possess but none of us truly ever share because they are purely subjective. They are in many cases, how the facts and ideas of the world make us feel about ourselves. But whatever their basis, every aspect of them except their existence, is mutually exclusive from the world of facts.

The intellectual left has retreated from the world of facts, and now tries to make the claim that there is no world outside the subjective. They deny it, in whole and in part. They view it as an abomination of the religion of the ego, to which they all strictly adhere. To them, even pointing to anything which challenges the ego of the subjectivists in the tiniest way, is to be guilty of a great moral sin. And it doesn't matter if the fact is as inescapable as gravity, if you notice it, you are considered, not wrong - anyone can be wrong - you're considered evil.

And you can't imagine how pleased it makes me to know that there is at least one apostate in their midst.

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